Gilbert - a gamble?

by sm   April 8, 2013  

Ah, trying to pick a purist team for the all three of the Ardennes classics. The history books say Gilbert is a given, his form however says the opposite.

In football they say form is temporary, class is permanent but I don't buy that when it come to cycling. How about you?

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He didn't have the form last year and would still have been worth it for his points. Had he been 40 credits this year then maybe no, but at 28 credits he will be in my team

posted by TERatcliffe26 [3752 posts]
8th April 2013 - 22:38

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I'd say he'd probably be the most popular rider for purist teams,perhaps slightly less so for standard at least until people see how he goes at Amstel.

For me he's a must at that price.

posted by ray silvester [1709 posts]
9th April 2013 - 8:54

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any BMC rider is a gamble

posted by beej.a [40 posts]
9th April 2013 - 12:20

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I know BMC have underachieved so far, but I feel like thats down to having too many potential leaders (Hushovd/Phinney/GVA) in one team. If they unite behind Gilbert for the Ardennes, as they surely will, he will do fine. First name on the team sheet for me...

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posted by chrisdstripes [1525 posts]
10th April 2013 - 17:47

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The first name inn my squad is Kiryenka

J Andrew Hill

Its a marathon, not a snickers


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posted by JAndrewHill [1206 posts]
10th April 2013 - 18:44

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Well, here's your answer, in the results for Brabanste Pijl:

You can't count Gilbert out when he's 2nd to Sagan in a race! Smile

1 SAGAN Peter
2 GILBERT Philippe
4 CHAVANEL Sylvain
9 VOSS Paul
10 DEHAES Kenny
11 MAES Nikolas
12 LAGUTIN Sergey
14 VOECKLER Thomas
15 WYSS Danilo

beej.a wrote:
any BMC rider is a gamble

And as far as BMC being a gamble, well, there's 3 BMC riders in the Top 15! Gilbert, Van Avermaet and Wyss! It seems to me that at least Van Avermaet has been pretty consistent this season...

Vive Le Fantasy Cycling Game!

posted by enrique [1467 posts]
10th April 2013 - 19:20

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Mine is Betancur....especially now it's spelt correctly!!

posted by ray silvester [1709 posts]
10th April 2013 - 22:06

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