Replacing 'non-replaceable' heel pads?

by Mr Jono   April 8, 2013  


Have just ordered a pair of giro factors based on this review:

But, post-purchase, I've just read 2 other reviews stating the sole pads are very thin, so thin they could be described as 'cosmetic'. The photos on the review certainly show the pads looking a bit measly. They're non-replaceable ones. Has anyone got any suggestions for what to do when they wear out?

They're 'race' shoes but the likelihood is I'll be wearing them all the time, and I don't fancy walking on bare carbon after a couple months. Should I cancel the order or are there reliable ways around it? Any suggestions would be great.


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Old brake pads/shoes cut down to suit then glued to underside of shoes.


posted by FATBEGGARONABIKE [710 posts]
11th April 2013 - 10:05