For those attempting to cycle in and around Leeds, and who might want to do something about making it less rubbish, the first meeting of the Leeds Cycling Campaign is next Weds evening (10th April) 7.30pm in The Adelphi pub in Leeds (upstairs function room). All are welcome, whether you've just discovered Leeds is a bit rubbish for cycling and want to do something about it, or you've been involved in cycle campaigning since the Cookridge Street Contraflow was first mooted (sigh).

We have a new website:


And even Twitter:

Plus a multi-contribution blog with various rants:

There'll be an update on current campaigns in Leeds and an open forum for ideas and feedback. Everyone is welcome, particularly those that *don't* cycle - if you'd like to, why not? What would make you get on your bike?

Leeds is pretty much at the bottom of UK cities for cycling. We are going to change this, and quickly, before the Tour de France disappears again and we miss the bandwagon!