Hi all. The roads around (far around) where I live are pretty dreadful, and the Fuji Team Pro I have is faithfully transmitting every single jolt, bump and surface imperfection straight through my wrists and teeth. To that end I'm considering purchasing the Trek Domane 6 series as a frame only. I've already got a full Ultegra setup on my Fuji, and an FSA carbon crank on my tri bike (with Ultegra otherwise).

Is it a fairly straightforward procedure to build a bike up from scratch this way? What I'm envisioning is possibly robbing the crank from the Plasma, and the brakes,saddle and mech from the Fuji.



yourpaceormine [46 posts] 5 years ago

If you are competent at servicing your own bike it's a doddle. The only tricky bits are putting headsets in and putting handlebar tape on. If the frame has an integrated or semi integrated headset then the only tricky bit is bar tape.

If the frame has a none integrated headset then it is probably easiest to get the lbs to fit it (requires specialist tools which aren't cost effective unless you are fitting lots of headsets regularly).

Bar tape - lots of videos on youtube if you aren't confident. Have a dry run before removing the sticky backing.

Cutting steerers down is pretty easy, if you aren't very good at cutting straight lines you'll need a steerer cutting guide (not too expensive).

Brakes - pretty easy to set up, even easier if you have a Tackx brake setting gadget.

Cables - measure twice and cut long, then trim to fit.