Carbon Handlebars

by steventhefifer   April 5, 2013  

Two research questions really.
Firstly, I recently came across a website called Carbon X Sports on the face of it they are as attractive as hell!
Selling massively knocked down carbon products from Replica Wiggins Pinarello Dogma F&F, too Zipp, Shimano and own brand carbon aero wheels. Also FSA Carbon handle bars, Bontrager and Elite carbon bottle cages et al!! All at a massively reduced price??.
I'm not daft, I know they are far eastern rip offs, but has anyone any experience of using it, I was interested in the bottle cages and carbon bars and stem......all seem good quality on face of it, I think they might be worth a try??? Thinking

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knocked down

I think you mean 'knocked off'


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posted by Dave Atkinson [7850 posts]
5th April 2013 - 10:07


If you want to buy cheap chinese carbon you're much better off buying from a known far east brand than getting something that's pretending to be something else, in my opinion

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posted by Dave Atkinson [7850 posts]
5th April 2013 - 10:11


Just make sure you're not flying down the side of a french mountain when your carbon bars fail. The Pro's prefer alu bars for a reason.

posted by Tom Amos [246 posts]
5th April 2013 - 15:57


I won't. Cos I'm not going to, jut thought I would throw it out there, they cheap for a reason, and as the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

Stevie Murray

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posted by steventhefifer [24 posts]
5th April 2013 - 16:18