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by davecochrane   April 4, 2013  

Hello all, I've been into triathlon for the last few years and have completed up to and including a 70.3. I'm entered in IM Wales this year but, like so many people, am seriously losing my motivation and the thought of stealing every weekend for the next 4.5 months from my wife just isn't doing it for me just now. I am fully aware that no one gives a monkey's whether I complete an IM other than me - but what I really enjoy is riding my bike. To that end I'm really curious to know what my best path into (very!!) low end racing is likely to be, in terms of events etc. Should I look at a crit? Stick with sportives? I have a Plasma so TT is likely down the road.

I'd welcome your thoughts on the benefits/downfalls of getting involved in different types of road event.

Cheers Smile

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In this order, I would:

Join a club and get on some group rides - don't know what your group riding skills are like. If you want to enter road/crit races then join the chaingang session.

Sign up for some TTs.

Feel free to do the odd sportive. Not sure it would help you with racing, but you can latch onto a group of similar pace and challenge yourself to set a fast time.

If you can keep up with the chaingang, then discuss with them whether you are race fit.

Good luck!

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4th April 2013 - 15:36


Cheers - have ridden with groups a fair bit but not beyond the 50k distance / 31km/h average point. There is a group attached to my local tri club, but the pace at least initially is probably at least averaging 35km/h and so not much fun yet. I'll see what else there is on offer.

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4th April 2013 - 16:03


Whatever you do, learn to ride in a group.

Trouble with Triathletes is, they're all very strong, but can't ride well in a peloton.

They get their 4th cat win by soloing off the front in some midweek crit for 40 minutes, move up to 3rd and start causing trouble on the road.

Don't do this.

Ideally, get out with a chaingang, you'll get shouted at (Everyone does, not sure why), but it will be worth it.

Welcome to the dark side.

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4th April 2013 - 19:23


Sage advice! Cheers. I'll definitely get involved with a group again.

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5th April 2013 - 16:00


Echoing the comments of the others, learn to ride in a bunch first. I have done 5 IMs, plus lots of half IMs and I don't know how many sprint and olympic distance races. That is, a lot more triathlons than a lot of people who call themselves triathletes. I call myself a cyclist first though, and last year I deliberately stopped bike training with my tri club simply because although a lot of them are strong on the bike they almost universally had terrible skills. All over the road, unable to hold a wheel, surging and overlapping the whole time, oblivious to what was going on around them and generally presenting a danger to everyone in the bunch and everyone else on the road. Now I only ride with cyclists or the triathletes who know how to ride safely in a bunch.

Best way to earn to ride in a bunch is also as the others said, join a cycling club, go on the bunch rides. You will start of being better at TTs and terrible at crits, because you won't be used to the accelerations. That changes though, find the appropriate grade and when you are ready, get out and race them all! I look forward to seeing you there. Smile

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6th April 2013 - 15:57


and this little series will make you laugh...

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19th June 2013 - 17:33


Likewise! I rode in a bunch twice a week while living in NZ for a few years; I definitely did go through my fair share of bollockings at the beginning. Looking forward to getting back to that...but without the bollockings!! Big Grin

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7th July 2013 - 22:30