Apart from in the team car and in the leg, how do the pros keep food when they're skinsuited up?

Want to race in mine, and seeing as I don't have a team car, and only two legs, wondering where to keep the fuel.



David Arthur @d... [846 posts] 5 years ago

They have team cars handing them up food, and all races have several feed zones where musettes loaded with food is handed up to them. Think you can arrange that kind of service for your races?

How long are your races? If they're crits you shouldn't need any food. Some people stick a gel up the shorts, with a bit sticking out, for longer races

Al__S [1288 posts] 5 years ago

Pretty sure the "race" skinsuits are different to the TT/track ones- and actually have pockets.
In fact, look at the Castelli Sanremo (Garmin use this)

Raleigh [1667 posts] 5 years ago

My one doesn't have any pockets, except for a race radio one, which I'm fairly sure is just there for good measure (Champion Systems)

Well. Got a stage race this weekend, 102km on Saturday and 96km on Sunday, so long enough to need lots of food.

There are feed zones, but what happens if you miss your feeder (Dad probably) and can't get the fuel in? That wouldn't be great.

Not sure that stuffing three or four flapjacks up your legs would be great...

Perhaps I'll just wear normal kit for this one.

Definitely see people in small road races wearing them though. Maybe they just don't eat?

Or duct tape bars to their top tubes or something.

What do they do with the rubbish?

notfastenough [3728 posts] 5 years ago

I have a lezyne snack pouch that sits on the top tube behind the stem. Imagine it rather defeats the point re aero though.

The alternative is to wear a gilet - food in jersey pockets but without pockets gaping in the airflow down your back.