The cyclescheme has started again and I'm left with a dilemma as the post title suggests.

Thanks in advance for advice.


SpeshRider7287 [73 posts] 4 years ago

I'd go for the Domane in a heartbeat. Killer looks, killer frame design, easily upgraded if you feel the need. While the latter can still be said for the defy, the frame design is what sets the two apart. The Domane will feel so much more comfortable and smooth when it comes to longer rides.

When it comes to componentry, Tiagra performs just as we'll as 105 so even though the group on the Domane is a step down, I wouldn't lose any sleep over it.. The weight difference is so marginal that it won't be that much of a burden to your ride unless youre doing insanely long or steep climbs. Te quality of the frame and the fact you'll have a good range of gears courtesy of a triple means you'll never find yourself struggling on the bike.

If it were me, I'd get the Domane 2.0 with a view to upgrading the group to SRAM Rival or Force later on down the line. And maybe some Mavic's but that's just me getting carried away..

Hope this helps..

shishman [103 posts] 4 years ago

Thanks Spesh. Convinced me to get the Domane as it would get me riding longer. As you say the spec is not worth getting worked up about.