So it's my brothers 40th and I'm thinking I'd like to take him to ride the Paris-Roubaix route some time this year. I've read a few reports of people riding as a what seems to be a sportive, however I was looking at doing it off our own backs. How possible is this and can anyone give me any advice or tales of there experiences please!?

Thanks Mat


adampauljames [2 posts] 5 years ago

Hi Mat,

I've riden the sportive route & parts of the course at other times too. The Pave sections start north of Saint Quentin (which is a really nice small french town to base yourself in). You can download the routes from http://sport.be.msn.com/parisroubaix/2013/eng/parcours/

The actual race starts in Compiegne (NE of Paris) & adds an extra 100k of fairly flat roads if you want to do the fully monty... however I'd advise just doing the last 170km since that's where all the pave is.

The roads are all nice & quiet so you'll have no problems riding the route without the closed roads of the sportive.

Your main challenge will be logistical. Really you'll need someone with a car to take your bags & kit from where you start to the finish in Lille. You probably won't be able to do a lap of the velodrome at the finish... but if the gates are open just go for it!

Ferry over Calais - Dunkirk is best (& cheap)... you can drive down to the start in Saint Quentin in about 2-3 hours.

All the best & hope you enjoy it... pave is A LOT harder than you think?!

Amos [33 posts] 5 years ago

Thanks Adam, my wife (who's idea it was!) has offered to act as a support vehicl, she is clearly after a new handbag.

Any more info welcome from anyone