sram apex front mech

by crash144019   March 26, 2013  

Almost from new I have had problems with the sram apex front mech throwing the chainoff the rings. More often refusing to move from the granny ring to the big ring. Not inexperienced I've returned it on a regular basis. Just had the bike serviced by Evans and after 30 miles back to square one. Throwing the chain and refusing to change up. Isthere a quick fix or do I scrap it and get a Shimano mech?

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I think Evans is the problem here. When set up correctly they work fine.

I don't think double tap shifters work with Shimano mechs.

posted by pjay [235 posts]
26th March 2013 - 9:08


Always been a problem. Live in Yorkshire so there's a climb every two miles. It's fine for tbe first few changes then it's out of tune. Been reading around and seems to be a common problem. Don't see wby shima mech shouldn't work but there's only o e way to find out

posted by crash144019 [47 posts]
26th March 2013 - 9:15


Not had a problem with the front mech. The mech may be faulty, but I'd try a different shop/mechanic/mech rather than mixing components.

In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice...

posted by notfastenough [3667 posts]
26th March 2013 - 9:31

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I've got apex on my commuter and the front mech is a little temperamental, requiring quite precise adjustment to avoid what you've described. Rather than having to slog back to Evans all the time, spend 5 minutes reading how to set it up yourself, it's really not difficult. I would recommend fitting an inline adjuster in the gear cable, and with that and the two little screws on the mech, you should be able to get it running properly. That, of course, is assuming the mech hasn't been damaged (bent etc), in which case no amount of twiddling would fix it!

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posted by jezzzer [339 posts]
26th March 2013 - 9:40

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But the main thing to start with is to adjust the mech's position relative to the chainrings. It should be as low as possible without touching them, and in the same plane as the chainrings (not twisted), which might not be as easy to spot as one might think, since the front mechs are often a bit bendy, rather than rectangular.

posted by mhtt [45 posts]
26th March 2013 - 23:58