I'm looking to get a new bike heading into summer but I'm a tad stumped as to what to do.

I'd love a Bianchi Sempre Pro as they look delicious and have had some pretty decent reviews. However I've recently tested out a friends bike that has Sram force on it and it's bloody brilliant. The double tap just felt natural and so I'd really like to get an Sram groupset, but there's no options for that with Bianchi bikes that I can find.

So... I either buy a Shimano 105 Sempre and then upgrade over time to Sram or get a Focus Izalco Pro 3, which already has Sram Force and looks kind of awesome too with nothing but good reviews.

3rd option is I'm open to suggestions on what else I do, I've a budget of around £2000 and am more concerned with getting a top notch frame over components.

Thanks for any advice.


700c [1250 posts] 5 years ago

Alternative to the racy carbon frames you've listed - your budget puts Ti within reach..

You say you want a top notch frame and they'll come with good warranties, if you take the kinesis GF Ti as an example it can be built into a pretty fast, lightweight bike and would definitely be a match for later, more expensive upgrades..

chiv30 [987 posts] 5 years ago

You can always go the canyon route although I'm not sure they use SRAM ...

veseunr [262 posts] 5 years ago

Canyon outlet. CF SLX with full ultegra and ksyriums for under £1900. Just hope you're a 56cm!

SRAM red on more expensive models, no SRAM at your price point.

Canyon UK [6 posts] 5 years ago

Hi there,

If you are looking for SRAM Force on an excellent frame set then take a look at our Ultimate AL 9.0 SL. This is the same frame and fork which won the roadcc bike of the year test


or if you're not too fussed about using Shimano and want a carbon frame then the Ultimate CF 9.0 would be a great choice too.


Hope that helps,

Canyon UK