Hi guys

I currently ride a Charge Filter Mid 2011, which is effectively a cross bike. I have come to realise that the groupset is pretty poor (Shimano 2300) and also fancy another bike for "nice weather" so that I can keep the Charge as my winter/training bike.

What do you think of these? It’d be used for club runs/sportives.

http://www.wiggle.co.uk/colnago-air-105-2013/ (although reviews on the net aren’t great for this one)
http://www.wiggle.co.uk/de-rosa-milanino-training-veloce-2013/ (more or less the same but can fit mudguards)
http://www.epic-cycles.co.uk/Bianchi_Impulso.html (would probably go for the 105 version, but feel I ought to have the traditional celeste paintjob!)
http://www.epic-cycles.co.uk/Cannondale_CAAD10.html (but not a fan of the Liquigas colour scheme)

The Canyon is by far the best ‘bang for my buck’ but I am a little nervous of them not having UK customer services.

I also quite like the fact that Epic (who are fairly local to me) do a proper fitting and you can do test rides.

Have any of you had any experience of Campag groupsets? There are a few knocking around in my price bracket (£1000-2000) that have Veloce, for example, but I don't really know anything about it. Are they better/worse than Shimano 105?

I’m not sure about moving to carbon fibre so these are all aluminium frames.


swiftsquirrell [19 posts] 5 years ago


First things first, Epic is considered one of THE best independent bike shops in the country, if you are looking at spending that type on money PLEASE go and see them and don't drop it on some thing on line.

Secondly, I personally run and love campag, and if you can stretch to anything 11 speed it has a 4 year warranty. I would say, go to Epic have a chat with the guys get a fit done (most important thing) and see what they can do.

Good luck  1