Dream Bike Dilemma

Okay, so I'm hoping for the advice of someone with a bit more experience at building bikes and selling components online than I have here.

For a while I've been looking at a Wilier Gran Turismo frameset and building it up to my own specs, as an upgrade from my current Trek 1.5, and I finally got a test ride on an Izoard XP a few weekends ago and now I'm pretty much sold on getting the GT. The problem is, apparently Wilier are sold out of the GT frameset in my size in both of the colours I like it in Crying

So it seems my options are: to wait for next years model (anyone know when Wilier tend to bring their new bike out?), get the frameset in a colour I don't particularly like (Seems silly to be so hung up on colour but this is a bit of a dream bike for me so it feels like it does matter), or to buy a complete bike with Campag Athena on it, and then strip the parts I don't want and try to sell them.

If I was going with the last option I'd probably end up changing the groupset and wheels and a few other minor parts, and replacing it with SRAM force, and a wheelset I already have. What I'm worrying is that I'll end up majorly out of pocket.

Here's the spec:

Do people think I'd be silly trying to sell the groupset and wheels off the bike and expecting to make enough money back to cover the new groupset and some of my wheels? Alternatively, any other suggestions would be welcomed!!!

(sorry for the essay!)