aaahhhhh bleedin Snow

by stealfwayne   March 23, 2013  

Aaahhhhhh - threw open the curtains this morning to a covering and continued snow fall. I live in London so it isn't much fun and no lovely country tracks for my mtb, crap. WHo else has been thwarted by the weather?

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No laying snow here on Tyneside about 3 mile inland from the North Sea.Just blowing an absolute gale straight from siberia, with frequent showers of powdery snow - Was like being shot blasted when walking the dog earlier!

Suspect a ride along the coast would be savage amusement today

posted by gazza_d [421 posts]
23rd March 2013 - 10:07

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Got a couple of inches here, got country roads and 35's fitted now just trying to decide if I'm brave enough to go out! Never cycled in snow! Any tips?

posted by Cycle_Jim [282 posts]
23rd March 2013 - 10:19


I usually just blast some intervals on a few of laps around Regents Park or do a few hill repeats on Swains Lane to keep the legs ticking over. All in all it's been a miserable March.

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posted by sm [374 posts]
23rd March 2013 - 10:54


The whole of England seems to have come to a standstill Devil

We've had none stop snow here for a week now, heavy and drifting, couple of the highest road passes have been getting closed and opened. But everything else is running fine Big Grin

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posted by Gkam84 [9369 posts]
23rd March 2013 - 11:02


So glad hav,nt booked a ride this w,end

posted by issacforce [222 posts]
23rd March 2013 - 11:20


Just got back from a ride to the north east coast, tynemouth loop is 40 kms for me. No snow but a really cold, biting wind that made it a real chore. Now sat with a coffee feeling smug. I was going to say its about time you southern shandy bashers got some proper weather , but I wouldn't be that naughty.

posted by Fatbagman [21 posts]
23rd March 2013 - 12:57


Cycle_Jim wrote:
Got a couple of inches here, got country roads and 35's fitted now just trying to decide if I'm brave enough to go out! Never cycled in snow! Any tips?

Bit late for today, but funnily enough...

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posted by Simon_MacMichael [9521 posts]
23rd March 2013 - 13:03


So went to the gym instead, 2 minutes into warm up at yoga, and back goes into spasm Crying , £45 emergancy physio just to get me home, now laid up on sofa waiting for wifey to make me supper.
3 weeks off the bike which means the bank holiday, double crap. should have M'd TFU and braved the snow.

THere is only bad choice of clothing, not bad weather. MTFU and get out there and ride.
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posted by stealfwayne [121 posts]
23rd March 2013 - 20:40


Out on Monday in the snow. About a foot deep either side of the car tracks left for us (yes they have their uses cars do) Yesterday and today not bothering. All roads in immediate area impassable. At least a foot of snow with huge drifts. Had to dig my way out of my mum and dads. Londoners haven't a clue Devil Devil

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posted by giff77 [1186 posts]
23rd March 2013 - 22:33


I'm in London too. I got on a couple of layers and went out and did a hour through the city today. It was terrific. There wasn't much traffic and I just bombed around going wherever I felt like.

However having said that, today was meant to be the day I was test riding a couple of bikes to see which one I was going to buy. The Pinnacle Dolomite (as reviewed recently in Road CC) didn't get delivered so i ahve to wait another week before I get a new bike>

posted by Dunluce [85 posts]
23rd March 2013 - 23:09


No snow here, South West.

Bloody cold though so went on the off roader yesterday at Ashton Court. FREEZING to start but once going got really hot, great to see people riding around whilst steaming.....

Got really muddy and had a great time in the woods - regretting it this morning though - stiff as a board.

Saw some lads on the road from Bristol towards WSM and they looked frozen, all wrapped up like Russian soldiers.

Have fum in the white stuff!!!


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posted by trikeman [390 posts]
24th March 2013 - 10:58


I just can't believe that it was 20 degrees hotter this time last year, nothing is normal any more.

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posted by bikeboy76 [1822 posts]
25th March 2013 - 15:54


Snow in March isn't that unusual. It was my daughters birthday on Sat and it isn't the first time it's snowed then. Worse two or three years ago. She likes the snow but it was a pain this week as it means her semi-final has been cancelled for the third week in a row. Just watched some cycling on TV and Internet, didn't even use my exercise bike, just not in the mood.

posted by Alan Tullett [1581 posts]
25th March 2013 - 18:51


This is true Alan, up here we've seen snow in May and June before. The forecast is saying it will stay into April here

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posted by Gkam84 [9369 posts]
25th March 2013 - 19:01


saturday fecking snow ... interval session #1 at the gym
froze me tats of on Sunday watching 22 lary 15 yr olds
licking a football about, followed by interval session #2.

need a cheap cycling holiday ...

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posted by OldnSlo [132 posts]
26th March 2013 - 0:02


Did fairly well and went out for 5 hours on Sunday morning in freezing conditions and whilst it snowed constantly on me. However, still waiting on the feeling in my feet to return after going through what could only be descibed as a lake in the middle of the road (and it went ankle high) within the and having my shoes and 2 pairs of socks freeze... Maybe some oershoes would come in use Thinking

posted by Liam Barr [18 posts]
26th March 2013 - 10:14


well there's no denying it's bloomin cold - but no real snow in the Glasgow area since Saturday - roads are clear and there's nothing as exhilarating as sweating buckets while your ears & toes freeze

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posted by mad_scot_rider [586 posts]
26th March 2013 - 11:14