I've been looking at some new wheels. I have around 500 pound. I've seen planet x before but I'm not sure how reliable they are, because I remember reading somewhere that they were just Chinese wheels with their name on. so does anyone have a pair and what are they like.


Leviathan [3057 posts] 5 years ago

Hi Harvey, I have had my eye on some deep Planet X cinchers for a while, but stay on the wish list they will until I have the money:

Just you budget. There was a whole debate about the virtues of British/Chinese carbon recently:

Me stirring the pot I'm afraid. However the general conclusion seemed to be that the rep of the UK company should reflect what you get as they need to maintain that rep and use quality control to do so.
Your other choices are loose a bit of performance and go for something reassuringly sturdy, or bust the budget for something reassuringly expensive/Italian. As always it will be your choice looking for a nexus of cost/performance/reliability; if only you had asked about tyres as the continental GP4000s does that job so well. Wheels are a much broader question.

Dr. Ko [207 posts] 5 years ago

Please note they following response only relates to the tubular carbon rims!

AFAIK the rims come from Asia. I bought some tubular rims from them and they are working fine.  1 Had the wheels build by my usual wheel builder, because I had some hubs in the drawers anyway. ( http://innercitymobility.blogspot.de/2012/09/britain-special-low-profile... ) The supplied brake pads had a very short life span  13 These days I use some TRP pads or Swissstop Yellow.


Once in a while they have wheel sets build in-house at a good price, say with DT Swiss hubs. The easiest way is to send Planet-X an email or give them a call.


Dr. Ko

therevokid [1020 posts] 5 years ago

had model b's which cracked the rear rim around the spoke holes.
had a second pair of model b's that went on until the rim
wore through without a single hiccup.
have a57's which are completely bomb proof so far !

russyparkin [570 posts] 5 years ago

planetx hubs can be a bit delicate. have a word with daveat velo-smith.com he built me a lovely set of wheels and has just done achap a set of superlight deep alloy rims on hope with cx ray. very very light and real high quality hubs of course. well worth a shout

Yorkshie Whippet [637 posts] 5 years ago

I've abused my Planet X model B's for a number of years including an attack on the Paris-Roubaix challange. Needed a slight tweek back into line but no issues otherwise.

I've also been riding on their 60mm Carbon Clincher on the rear over the last few months. Several hundred miles and no problems.

Current set up is Model B front and Carbon at back. Loving it.