My Fixie Project

by callum89   March 15, 2013  

I am new to the forum and thought ad share one of my many projects on the go at the moment. I picked this frame up at my work as it was going in the skip so thought i'd make it work as a fixie as i always wonted to build one. I have included some pictures hope they work I sanded the frame down using some 800 wet and dry and gave the frame four coats of primer, then I sanded down and removed some flaws in the primer and primered again. now waiting to choose a colour Smile and look for some components. Looking forward to hear of other people building simalar projects and here what there planning to do.



Start of project31.86 KB
Primered 43.01 KB
Sanded Imperfections39.23 KB
Primered again35.8 KB

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Dude you are making a fixie, but you have forgotten to grind off the cable stops and brake mount before priming it, you will regret that later if you don't fix it now.

posted by drfabulous0 [404 posts]
15th March 2013 - 22:42