Miche wheels & 8 speed cassette

by TallAlex   March 13, 2013  


Pardon my ignorance, but I was looking to buy a set of these wheels to put on my Raleigh Airlite:


I was going to keep the original wheel and cassette to use on a turbo, and buy a new cassette to put on the new rear wheel - but then I noticed the Miche wheels state that they are for Shimano 10-speed cassettes, and my Raleigh is only an 8-speed.

I had assumed that I could put any Shimano cassette (possibly with a spacer) on a wheel with a Shimano free hub, is this not the case?

Thanks in advance,


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You will be able to fit an 8 spd Shimano or SRAM Cassette. You'll need to slot a few spacers on the freehub body first but won't be an issue. You will need to re-index your gears after fitting the cassette though for obvious reasons.

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posted by SpeshRider7287 [75 posts]
13th March 2013 - 19:53


Great, thanks for the advice.

posted by TallAlex [13 posts]
13th March 2013 - 20:01