Mounting lights on o/s bars

by notfastenough   March 13, 2013  

Hey everyone,

I've got some lights from Revolution, but having difficultly mounting the front one. The bars have an oversize centre section (which is covered by the stem clamp), then tapers over the course of maybe two inches where it meets the bar tape.

I can't mount it on the taper because it won't sit securely, the bar tape is too thick for it to sit over that, and the clamp cannot be turned 90 degree, so it can't go on the stem.

Is it possible to buy an internally-tapered shim that will give the handlebar section a uniform thickness? Any other solution?


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posted by Gkam84 [9239 posts]
13th March 2013 - 20:41


Buy 26mm diameter handlebars and stem. That will give you a good couple of centimetres on each side of the stem of straight tube for mounting whatever you like. You'll probably also find it transmits less road vibration and is quite possibly lighter than your current setup. Less stiff, of course, but unless you are either a professional or a gorilla, I doubt it'll affect your performance and/or enjoyment. Why manufacturers fit oversize bars on anything but out-and-out racing machines I will never understand.

Any form of extended mount will vibrate or fall off. They aren't designed for lights, only cycle computers

posted by ubercurmudgeon [168 posts]
13th March 2013 - 20:58

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posted by cidermart [485 posts]
13th March 2013 - 21:30


What bars are they?!

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posted by Municipal Waste [237 posts]
13th March 2013 - 21:47


Thanks for the replies, suppose they're all a bit of a bodge though really.

@Municipal Waste Big Grin They are RSP Compact bars that came with the bike. Googling around, they seem to be usually sold that way, rather than aftermarket. I thought they were 42cm c-to-c, but it turns out that, weirdly, they are quoted as 44cm outside-to-outside, and 41.5cm c-to-c.

I'm looking for a new seatpost anyway (current one has teeth for the tilt adjustment and I can't get quite the angle I want), so this just means I'll look for a snazzy matching compact bar and post combo. Any recommendations?

In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice...

posted by notfastenough [3643 posts]
14th March 2013 - 12:41