Classic climbs , best location for a few days holiday. ?

by stanfree   March 11, 2013  

I'm fairly new to this forum but have been posting on Singletrack for a while , Anyhoo after breaking a collar bone and then tearing ligaments I've almost kinda defected to road riding and for a wee podgy pasty faced scots lad I'm fairly confident when It comes to road riding. Anyhoo I'm heading up to Torridon for a few days riding next month and then back up in August to do the classic mtb routes. That said my question is If you had a week to kill and wanted to do the classic french or Italian climbs where is the best place to base yourselves. ? I'd like to do Alp du Huez , Galiber and possibly Ventoux. But to be honest would consider Italy If I could string a few together.

Your thoughts are appreciated.

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Bourg d'oisson , little town right at the base of alpe d'huez , gives you access to huez ,Croix De fer , glandon ,sarenne not far from Madeleine , telegraph, galibier , it's like cycling mecca down there plus you have les deux alps and the megavalanche courses if you do fancy ur downhill mtb

posted by chiv30 [997 posts]
11th March 2013 - 7:55


Briancon is up and out the other side of the valley and gives more access to Italy with the Ventoux not too far away.

posted by technojim [33 posts]
11th March 2013 - 11:25


Thanks for your help , just need to convince the wife there would be something for her to do when Im puffing and panting my way slowly up a mountain. I suppose thats why so many head to Tenerife and Mallorca to cycle as they get peace to cycle and there other halfs can sit at the beach all day. Big Grin

posted by stanfree [21 posts]
11th March 2013 - 13:39