Help, Training Advice Needed??

by Gman59c   March 10, 2013  

I've been training towards a 60 mile sportive at the end of March. Everything was going well until a few family commitments all came along at teh same time. Then my 1 year old son started teething badly.

So I've lost a couple of weeks training before the event. I'm worried now that I'm not going to have the necessary condition to do the ride, the most I've done before is 50 miles.

I was thinking a couple of weeks of HIIT sessions might help or should I just keep to my normal routine??

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If you can do 50 miles then you can do 60. Remember to pace yourself and eat & drink adequately. Hopefully you've found what food works for you during your training rides.

Intense intervals won't really help, just try to get some decent rides in, you won't have lost much in a couple of weeks. If the route is particularly hilly then make sure you include similar climbs in your rides if you can. But don't wear yourself out, that's counterproductive.

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posted by Simon E [2279 posts]
10th March 2013 - 22:10


I agree. I think it's reasonable for most to assume that on the day of your event you can add about 30% to what you're used to so if you're comfortable riding 40 and have already done 50 you'll be fine.

posted by racingcondor [133 posts]
10th March 2013 - 23:30


At nearly 66yrs and retired I can choose my days and follow my old training regime,and usually get plenty of steady miles,either on fixed wheel or gears,and up to this new lot of snow,was doing just over 100 miles per week,if the snow looks iffy,then I get on the turbos.When the evening 10 miles start at the middle of April,I will use them for speed work,and also use my turbos for some intervals on my TT bike.I did a 57 minute 25 mile TT,on my old steel Holdsworth Cyclone,many years ago,following the regime I use now,and agree with the others you should get around ok.We are all different what works for one may not work for another,a week or so off the bike is not life threatening,all the very best. Wink

posted by foxyloxy [52 posts]
12th March 2013 - 16:57