correct fitting of a chainset

by prinzi   March 9, 2013  

please can you help in advising me on how to correctly fit an ultegra triple chainset and hollowtech bb to my bike. i beleive that a triple needs a spacer fitting between crankarm and bb , i have 2 of what look like spacers one is larger and thinner in diamiter than the other can anyone help me with an explanation of which one goes where thank you

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BB fitting : Lightly grease threads with copper grease or teflon grease and check the length (drive side to non-drive side) of your BB shell. If it's 68mm, you'll need a BB spacer on each side, if it's 73mm, you'll need no spacers. Tighten to recommended torque settings.

Crank fitting : Lightly grease contact points where the crank spindle will sit on the bearings and slide in through the drive side. Get the groove on the left hand crank to match the groove on the splines on the spindle and tighten the little plastic nut hand tight. Now tighten both pinch bolts to recommended torque settings. Check cranks for side to side play in the spindle and job done..

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posted by SpeshRider7287 [75 posts]
9th March 2013 - 21:57


I'm assuming you haven't got the instructions, since Shimano ones tend to be pretty good. You can find them on If that doesn't help try the Park Tools website. They tend to have lots of guides, and may well cover your specific question.

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10th March 2013 - 8:31


thank you both for the sound and succsefull advise

posted by prinzi [87 posts]
10th March 2013 - 12:16


The fatter, cylindrical plastic spacer goes on behind the chainrings, then fit the axle through the BB cups, and put on the flatter, chamfered spacer before fitting the NDS crank

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18th March 2013 - 17:10


perfect thanks keef66 that is exactly what i wanted to know tahnks again

posted by prinzi [87 posts]
19th March 2013 - 14:34