Need some advice, I'm going to stick auction items up on ebay this weekend, all the item's that have been donated to me as part of my appeal.

The money will be going to an appeal called The Argus Appeal http://www.theargus.co.uk/argusappeal/

They are funding Cain's new bike, so I thought I would give them some money towards their funding, by raising the money, I will also be taking part in the Brighton to Paris over 5 days for them, this will be confirmed at a later date.


So there is a link to the items up for auction. The problem I am having IS.

Should I put the money can't buy items, Signed world champs jersey, Jimmy Mach jersey....etc on ebay? or is there a better place to sell them?

Also, I would be open to sensible offers on any of those items, before I put them up on Sunday afternoon....