Morning folks,
A few of us in the club are planning an assault on next year's TdF Yorkshire stages, to be ridden on 6th/7th April this year. It's about 120 miles for each day, plus a 20 mile transfer between Harrogate and York (no coach transfer for us!).

Clearly, we'll be riding this a bit slower than the average Sunday ride to ensure we get round.

I've stepped up my riding to four times a week (about 10 hours), plus 1 or 2 gym sessions. I've also cut out the sugary treats and have dropped from 75kg to 71kg over about 4 months.

Now I know from past experience that if I've been training for a while, backing off for a week or so leaves me feeling really strong. I've since learned that there is a scientific basis for this, backing off the effort to allow yourself to recover more than just a day or so, and let all your effort 'bed in' as it were.

So my question is, for this scenario, how long do you think is a reasonable period to back off the routine prior to the big weekend? I have got an event the weekend before which is 52 miles, so I'm doing that anyway. Do you think just a 1 hour-ish fast ride on each Wednesday of the preceeding two weeks is appropriate? Too much? Too little? Anything else I could be doing?

Thanks for any help.


jimmo62 [55 posts] 5 years ago

It all depends on your ability to recover... you need to try various strategies to find the one which works best. I tend to do easier sessions but at the same volume with a short hard session the day before which works for me - I'd certainly think at least an easy spin the day before would be a minimum. Suggest you try a few different things over the next few weeks/months

vorsprung [282 posts] 5 years ago

For long distance rides I normally do a big prep ride 2 weeks before. This will be the distance to be done in one day. The next week after that, I will ride normally, commuting etc.

At the weekend before the big event I stop riding completely and have a week off

I can do this because I am riding long, slow events. The duration of riding at a steady pace is more important than speed. If you need speed then a week is too long. Most authorities reckon that a ride with the same intensity but shorter and less often will allow your body to build up some reserves whilst keeping your fitness near peak

I've just done a blog post on general recovery here:


What you are talking about sounds more like tapering than recovery as such

Hope this helps

notfastenough [3728 posts] 5 years ago

Some good feedback here, cheers.

I've been working really hard the last couple of weeks, wondering whether I need a rest now after 80 miles done today.

skitza [94 posts] 4 years ago

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There are more but i havnt used those but do get benefit from these three