I am a bike maintenence God!

by big shug   March 5, 2013  

...or at least that's how I feel.
My misses didn't seem that interested in my DIY triumph (as I warmed my feet on her at 1am after getting in from the garage) so I need to brag to more sympathetic readers.
I'm not very mechanically minded so when my cross/commute bike started to grind, squeal, and drop the chain regularly (I was actually looking for safe places to pull in as I moved onto the small ring!) I did the manly thing and trawled fleabay for the parts I needed. With a handful of internet printouts, bike maintenence book, and a thermos of strong coffee I headed out to the garage. In three hours I changed both front and reach mech (nice 2nd hand 105), replaced both cables (a lot of fa**ying around with Sora shifters), shifted a reluctant square-tapered BB and fitted an external BB and new crankset (with correct size cranks). With more coffee (and fig rolls by this time, I was hittng the wall) the setting up of both mechs was easier than I thought. I now know the mysteries of the 'L' and 'H' screws that only comes to the truly enlightened.
I had the chance to go out for a nice test ride this morning; in the sun. What a difference, all noise gone; smooth rolling cranks and fearless shifting. The quick test ride soon extended itself into a 40k jaunt. Part of the pleasure of riding really does come from tinkering about in the garage.

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Good man I know how you feel Smile

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posted by cidermart [493 posts]
5th March 2013 - 15:12

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Its a great feeling isnt it!

I remember my first big mechanical job - sorted a duff rear mech, XT Shimano spring was damaged somehow - told it couldnt be fixed as a non-replaceable part/sealed it manufacture....HA! I sorted it with a lot of Fn and blinden and scars to match.

Always do my own mechy stuff, i know why most dont though...first time I sorted a seized piston on my motorbikes front brakes, had me riding it like a nancy with the fear fo them not working after ME fixing them, but I neednt worried, i done a great job and they lasted years.

I get much satisfaction from doing my own mechanicals, more then just saving money as its not about that for me.

posted by Farky [186 posts]
5th March 2013 - 17:39

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"I am a bike maintenence God"

Shame you're not so hot on spelling (it's maintenance)


posted by davebinks [136 posts]
5th March 2013 - 19:40

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posted by SammyG [295 posts]
5th March 2013 - 22:54

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Well done. I was well chuffed when I could work the different adjustable bits on my rear mech!

In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice...

posted by notfastenough [3723 posts]
5th March 2013 - 23:03

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Good man

Currently waiting on wiggle sending me some new cable outers, however they chose their first attempt was to send cables instead.

posted by cjk99 [64 posts]
8th March 2013 - 21:42

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Welcome to the Siblinghood of Home Mechanics. In six months time, your home will be infested with old margarine tubs containing gears, bearings, and (mostly) useless crap that "might come in handy someday." You have been warned.

posted by The Rumpo Kid [590 posts]
12th March 2013 - 21:53


davebinks wrote:
"I am a bike maintenence God"

Shame you're not so hot on spelling (it's maintenance)

What's an A' between friends on a forum?

He's a new mechanic; and didn't he do well.

posted by Mostyn [430 posts]
26th May 2013 - 9:04

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Big Grin well done buddy. There's something very satisfying about working on your bike..... I think you feel even more 'ownership ' of it

posted by Paulmgreen [1 posts]
22nd June 2013 - 7:14


I am the opposite of a maintenance god.

Tried to fix my front mech last night, didn't. Very frustrating. Now having to ride to work on the good bike.

posted by bashthebox [764 posts]
24th June 2013 - 8:02

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