This is a call for help, or more simply, a plug for a good cause!

I am a 3rd year photography student at the Cambridge School of Art (Anglia Ruskin) and as a collective my class is currently fundraising for our London Degree Show later in the year.

Three of us, including myself will be cycling from Cambridge to Paris and then all the way back to help raise funds for the show which we have to organise as a student project, no input from higher powers! Money in the arts is sparse, for us mere students anyway(!) so we are relying on good ol' generosity.

Our goal is to raise £1500 for the ride. I've found that there is an overlap when it comes to bicycles and the arts, so I'm hoping this will appeal to some of you! I've been a road.cc user for a while now and you all seem like a friendly bunch! Donations will be greatly received by all of us!

Here is the link to our fundraising page: http://www.gofundme.com/WeSurveil

Our photography collective is also on Twitter and Instagram: @WeSurveil

Many thanks for reading.