In the recent edition of 'cyclist' magazine theres a Q&A with Paul Lew of Reynolds wheels.
Talking about tubeless wheels he says " I've been running standard tyres as tubeless...." etc etc.

What I'm curious to know is has anyone ever tried it as well, and did it work okay? And could you run standard tyres on standard rims as tubeless rather than standard clinchers on tubeless specific rims, as mr Lew seems to be doing.


Shred [17 posts] 5 years ago

From my research into the road tubeless, it is not recommended at all to use standard road tyres.

I have converted standard Mavic CXP-22 rims to tubeless using two layers of Stans yellow tape with no problems.
I now use Fulcrum 2-way wheels that are tubeless compatible.

Both times I used Hutchinson Fusion tubeless ready tyres.
From what I read the beads on normal tyres can stretch a bit which is no good when there is no tube holding them in place on the rim.