New rim recomendation.

by takisawa2   September 7, 2009  

Hi all.
Need to get a new rim built on to my rear wheel, hub is an Ultegra, few years old but lovely & smooth so I'd like to keep it. Can anyone recommend a new rim ? Bike is used mainly for commuting & towing the kids trailer so strength over weight is fine.

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Rigida Chrina or Sputnik?

I run a Chrina on the front of my commuter that I was given by a friend and I'm happy with it so far. The shop I work Saturdays in also use Rigida rims for their stock and custom builds and we have very few faults as far as I know.

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posted by ctznsmith [102 posts]
8th September 2009 - 10:39

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Ambrosio Excellence? Bit expensive but good tough rims that look great.

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posted by TheHatter [810 posts]
9th September 2009 - 20:24

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