2013 tour de france EXACT routes for spectators

by jerryrig   February 27, 2013  

Hey everyone, My wife and I have rented a motorcycle from July 1st- July 20th with the intent of following many of the stages of the Tour de France. Basically, we will be in Nice for TTT, and then follow stages all the way to the Pyrenees. We would abandon race for a week to see family in Spain, but return for the Alps. We are really excited.... but don't have any specific knowledge on how to really follow the Tour.
We would like to see some of the flatland stages somewhere near mid route, and then chase peleton down via the side roads, and catch a later segment. In these stages, how can we find specific routes that we can plan on for hotel purposes? I've looked at website, it just doesn't show exact routes.
Secondly, we would like to see Alp d Huez (suprised?). My plan was to get there the night before the race, and camp somewhere up the mountain. I kinda figured it would be easier with a motorcycle as far as parking goes. I have heard it may not be possible to get up mountain unless you go up one week early....that won't happen.
Anyone think that is possible to go up night before?
Lastly, any really awesome small villages in Alpes that we MUST SEE?
Thanks in advance

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Have fun trying to get hotels along the route. You've not a hope. They are all booked by teams, tour company's and sponsors. Thats why you see everyone in camper-vans.

I'll go look up the route and see what I can help with later on Nerd

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27th February 2013 - 17:11


We are trying to get over to Alpe D'Huez, looks like we will arrive on the Tuesday. I think we will just be throwing a tent somewhere, anywhere. If we can find a campsite with amenities that will be brilliant but I'm hoping the local Gendarmes will be turning a blind eye to a bit of wild camping if we come unstuck.

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27th February 2013 - 17:27


Gkam84 wrote:
Have fun trying to get hotels along the route. You've not a hope. They are all booked by teams, tour company's and sponsors. Thats why you see everyone in camper-vans.

Not so. Tour teams etc have very specific requirements when it comes to hotels, pretty much anywhere you will be able to find accommodation, particularly smaller hotels. Don't get abroad that often for racing, but never had a problem.

Camper vans, yes, useful if you plan on staking claim to part of a mountain... I have a friend though who goes to Alpe d'Huez whenever Tour goes there, he rides up on morning, two years ago he nabbed a nice spot on Dutch Corner. Should be able to hire bike locally, even if just MTB, it'll get you up there.

Detailed route will go up nearer time... should be able to second guess some of the places it goes through, though, and of course we already know stage start/finishes.

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27th February 2013 - 17:35


The EXACT route won't be released until much nearer the time, though obviously start/finishes etc. are already known and you can guess a lot from that.
We've been out the last couple of years and based ourselves somewhere where we can get to several stages within an hour or so of driving (last year we saw 5 stages, 4 the year before). As long as you're not too concerned at staying within walking distance of the route, there should be plenty of small hotels/guesthouses etc. available.

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27th February 2013 - 17:46

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Hi jerryrig,the official tour programme from wh smiths has great info and maps ,used myself,you should be fine to get up and camp the day before by motorbike,you may have to go a few yards back from road ,some great spots on the bends,great campsite at bottom ,i shall be there in log cabin need a proper bed at my age,Dutch corner the night before is an absolute must ,see you there,wear orange.

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27th February 2013 - 18:13


Thanks for all your input! I am gonna take Stacky's advice, and get up Alp d' Huez the day before.... and go to Dutch Corner. HOWEVER, I will be wearing a slightly different orange.EUSKALTEL! Love the rebel basque...even though I'd like to see Wigo in yellow in Paris.
Last question.... On the CASTRES-AX 3 DOMAINES stage, does anyone think it's more interesting to see the decent prior to the final climb into Ax3, or should we get on climb. I have been looking at Google Maps, and have found a "dirt road" that leads from valley below climb to summit. I have this little idea of watching decent, then off-roading up dirt road to try and see some of the summit!

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1st March 2013 - 15:34


You can find all stages Tour de France 2013 on Google Maps:

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9th June 2013 - 11:48