Narrowest Tyre?

by FMOAB   February 27, 2013  

Having made a mistake in choosing a flat barred Cannondale CX4 as my commuting bike last year, I've just finished converting it to dropped bars, and I reckon it improves it no end.

The one thing I feel could still be done to improve it is to fit a set of narrower/slicker tyres once the frosts have cleared. The bike is currently fitted with a set of Bontrager 35mm tyres with a heavy groove (the shop switched the cross style 37mm tyres that came as standard for me). The rims are Maddux 3.0 disc and there's precious little information about them on the web.

How narrow a tyre can rims of this style take? I reckon I could probably fit 32mm kojaks or gator skins, but ideally I'd like to drop this to 28mm tyres if I can. Any thoughts or experiences on doing this would be greatly appreciated.

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Are your wheels on here at all?

I see the Cross MX 300 and and the D 300, but nothing about the 3.0 Disc.....They are both 23 wide, so you'd get away with 28 no problem

OR would they be DC 3.0?

If they are the DC's then you will get away with 28 no problem, I'd even go as far as 26, something like Michelin City 26 x 1.4

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posted by Gkam84 [9361 posts]
27th February 2013 - 1:28


Thanks Gkam, they're the 700c (or 29er as the marketing types would have us call them) version of the DC 3.0. As narrow as 26mm you reckon? Better than I hoped Big Grin

posted by FMOAB [262 posts]
27th February 2013 - 2:41


Ok, Having looked at the Madduz site a little further, I would suggest you'd only get away with 28.

They only have one rim listed in 29. The specs are below

Disc X 320(Disc only) 29" 622 x 17 32 H

Someone will come along in the morning with more advice I hope Big Grin

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posted by Gkam84 [9361 posts]
27th February 2013 - 4:00


Take tyre off, use ruler to measure inner width of the rim? I reckon 23mm or less would be fine for 28 mm tyres.

posted by bigant [42 posts]
27th February 2013 - 4:48


are good references

Cannondale site shows they are DC3.0, but maddux don't list them (grrrr). Could be anything between 16 and 20mm ID if you take in the 700c rims in the trekking list too.

posted by robdaykin (not verified) [309 posts]
27th February 2013 - 8:17


Was going to suggest sheldon brown as well. Everything is dependant on the inner rim width.

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posted by giff77 [1184 posts]
27th February 2013 - 11:01


Thanks for the responses, you've educated me about another area that was previously a mystery to me.

posted by FMOAB [262 posts]
28th February 2013 - 0:29