So I'm looking at a new bike, but found a deal on the above frame for £1250. Half price, basically. I can build it up for not much more than I'll pay for a madone 4.7, so it seems like a steal. However, I can't test ride it (frameset only currently) and don't know if it might be too stiff with no comfort, or handle a bit too twitchily? Plan to use it for club runs, sportives, a few time trials etc. will see regular use; I.e. it mustn't be too fragile as it won't be mollycoddled.

Also, it has mounts for those new funny bontrager speed limit integrated brakes, with the rear one under the chainstay(!). No idea how much those might cost...



mrkeith119 [87 posts] 5 years ago

I have one and it's awesome. Great comfort, great handling. I ride mine at least four times a week and have no problems with fragility.

I'd it is the 6.9 with 700 series carbon then it just has standard break mounts. The new 6 series with the bottom bracket brake is made with 600 series carbon.

I know I must sound like a right geek for knowing this. But I had only just finished building mine up, around 4 weeks before the new one was launched so I did a bit of comparison.

notfastenough [3729 posts] 5 years ago

Very informative reply - cheers!