Am I correct in assuming that a Campag 11 speed cassette is the same size (width) as the 10 speed.

The reason for asking is that I've got two bikes, one with Campag 11 speed and one with 10 speed. After being driven to distraction trying to get a spoke replaced on a Fulcrum 3 wheel (concealed spoke fixings and magnets...) I want to buy a spare rear wheel that will work on both bikes i.e swap cassettes over.


Krd51 [32 posts] 5 years ago

 16 Yes 10 &11 speed are the same width!

velotech_cycling [86 posts] 5 years ago

More accurately, the 10 and the 11s cassettes fit on the same freehub body - the cassettes are not the same width.

This occasionally leads to problems as the largest sprocket on the 11s cassette is slightly recessed at the back and some hubs require the fitting of a thin shim washer behind the 11s cassette so that the biggest sprocket doesn't foul the hub flange.

This can have knock-on effects if you are looking to swap between wheels, as the overall position of the cassette may not be the same on both wheels.

So long as you are aware of that and feel confident checking & compensating on the high- and low-limit screws and cable tension, it's not a problem - otherwise you might want to get your LBS to set up both wheels so that they are interchangeable with no fuss.

For info, we can and do repair Fulcrum, as well as Campag wheels at Velotech Cycling Ltd - a lot of the parts are common. Your LBS can always contact us for parts, too. Spokes can be a headache - some are shared with Campag and some are not. We can order spokes on relatively quick turnaround if needs be though.