I have been chatting with some perplexed friends recently about the RideLondon100 event later this year.

One friend got a place, the other didn't. But now the first friend can't ride on that date, and wants to give his place to the friend.

According to the official Ts&Cs of the event, transferring of the place is strictly prohibited.

The following posts on the RideLondon Facebook Page, go into this issue a bit.

- I was wondering if anyone out there (maybe someone with experience in big events organisation) had any clue as to the 'real' reason why this inflexibility exists?

My thoughts are as follows:
a) The event is over 5 months from now.
b) They say it's a Health n Safety issue, but they are using an electronic registration system, so all details (including emergency contact, etc) could be changed to the new persons. If not how are real changes by the original participant dealt with?
c) I appreciate there is a large administrative burden for an event this large, but surely they could close changes 4-8 weeks before while still allowing transfers up to then?
d) Also, they could charge a (?? £10-20) admin fee for changes to offset any extra work/cost?
e) Insurance is often talked about. But I presume this policy would be for "X amount of people with valid details" not "all of the X people listed below". Any underwriters care to comment?
f) Is it like in the London Marathon (and other big races) where they expect 10-20% not to turn up, thus they under-resource the marshalls/water/etc, and if everyone really turned up they'd be in trouble?

I have had the same issue with races in my other passion (running) and would like to know an answer in that field too!

I'm sure it's all down to MONEY, isn't everything. But I'd still like a logical explanation, rather than the feeble stuff they seem to churn out.

- Is there anything that can be done to force a change to this situation, for this or future events?

Cheers, D.


Leviathan [2999 posts] 5 years ago

I think the suggestion to 'defer' the slot says it all. They want him to pay for next years event and miss this year. Money first and a No Show seems preferable to a full event.

The event is massive, so some percentage of people not riding must be planned for. As the ballot was only last week your friend might not have paid yet, so if they haven't yet they should just let it lapse.

Unfortunately the only way the other guy can ride is to sign up for a charity and pledge £500+, then see how much he can raise and cover any shortfall himself. However there are hundreds of charity slots with no-one named yet, so the idea that no swaps it is for health and Ssafety is bull as anyone could sign up for those slots.

notfastenough [3728 posts] 5 years ago

Your mate should just sod it and ride the course himself. I like the whole support/group riding thing, but some of the organisers just seem to be out for the cash.

cidermart [511 posts] 5 years ago

Indeed don't tell them and just ride it as the other person and let the emergency contacts know. As it is electronic it would take very little time to change but as it seems to have been hijacked to screw every penny out of it they are making excuses, Bikeboy76 quite rightly points out that there are still unallocated slots to fill so they are talking bo##@cks IMO.