by Nevetsyarg   February 19, 2013  

Been wanting a GPS style computer for a while now but wasn't sure on which one. I like the Bryton 20 and the Garmin 200 as working on a very tight budget. Is the any others that you would recommend in the bargain end of the spectrum?

Thanks Steve

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Can defo recommend the Garmin Edge 200. Easy to use and has all that you want on the screen when out for a ride apart from the time which I would like myself and have suggested to Garmin to include in an update.

Good battery life and like all Garmin products when all the stats are uploaded to the likes of Strava they provide a huge amount of data to look at.

GPX files can be easily dropped onto the device for you to follow but the directions are just a few lines and nothing more. Good for me put may not be good for all.

Have a look at the reviews of other devices to see if there are any others in your price range.


posted by Marauder [284 posts]
19th February 2013 - 13:32


I've ordered a Bryton 40 with HRM from Merlin Cycles for £125 if your budget can stretch to that. Not got it yet so can't comment but a lot of reviews seem good and fraction of the price of a Garmin.

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19th February 2013 - 13:47


On the subject of price which I forgot about and reminded by Dutch, I paid about £115 including a free Garmin jersey.

It doesn't look like the company have the same offer any more but have the Garmin Edge 200 for sale at £98.50 if you are interested but I am not sure on delivery costs tho.

posted by Marauder [284 posts]
19th February 2013 - 14:28


+1 for Edge 200.

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19th February 2013 - 20:08


cateye stealth? 10 is basic, could be found at ~£70, while 50 is ant+ enabled (so can take power, hr, cadence meters). Depends what you're after i guess

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20th February 2013 - 0:27


If you want, I can ask my LBS about the Bryton and see what kinda deal I can get on it for you, Bryton are the only GPS units they stock and were keen for me to get one.

But I got a 2nd had Garmin 500 from someone cheaper

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posted by Gkam84 [9361 posts]
20th February 2013 - 1:06


I was an early adopter of Bryton, buying a 50T. It has outperformed the Edge305 it replaced in every regard.
Bryton respond positively to support and feature emails, unlike Garmin who totally ignore users who aren't on a phone line. Over the last 2 years the software has come on leaps and bounds and now you do not need to upload to the net to get access to ride data (HURRAH!)
There is 1 gripe. When I recently had the mode button cover come loose due to wear and tear I sent the device back via Wiggle and Bryton's UK Agent Zyro were less than pleasant to deal with. They refused the warranty claiming it was crash damage (nope, device came off once due to a known issue with the early mounts, but hadn't even been dropped since) and insisted I would have to buy a new unit, albeit at a marginally discounted price. Wiggle finally stepped in and replaced the unit themselves as I was waiting for it to come back to take it to Trading Standards. I gather from an LBS that they have had exactly the same problems with Zyro representing other brands to the point where they do not stock Bryton as a result. Garmin are so used to getting faulty units back that the prrocess is painless (I returned 5 305s and a speed cadence unit in 3 years before selling the last replacement without even switching it on)

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20th February 2013 - 8:32


Thanks for all the advice but I have managed to get a Bryton 35 with HRM & cadence for £90 in a sale.

posted by Nevetsyarg [74 posts]
20th February 2013 - 9:39