hi, after much checking,my wife has decided she likes the boardman urban mbt r,and also considering the f1 hybrid,anyone any experience of either of these bikes as the problem so far is none of the halfords branches have either in stock and the urban they no longer do in small size,she is 5ft 5 inches in shoes, inside leg approx 30 31,halfords answer so far is the medium will probably do,
any ladies have either models any any comments on them;using for road spins and some light gravel track nothing to extreme ,thanks


Bob'sbikes [854 posts] 4 years ago

Can't say anything about the two bikes your wife has opted for but what about getting the hybrid Comp (last years are under £500 now) I have the hybrid pro and have chucked that about a bit (tow paths bridal paths etc) even did the woodcote CX on it with no worries. Good solid bike.
Best of luck with getting the missus out with you.