Switching to Race Wheels and back again

by Raleigh   February 16, 2013  


Switching from AL wheels to a set of Carbon tubs (with carbon braking surface) before a race.

What problems would I encounter with the braking ie. Shards of aluminium scratching up my CF.

Is it necessary to change brake pads at the same time?

If I want CF specific pads, will they wear super quickly with my training wheels?

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You will need to change the pads, failing to do so can cause damage and the brakes will not work.
You will also have to adjust the brakes to account for different rim widths and the gears as it is unlikely they will line up the same.

posted by drfabulous0 [407 posts]
16th February 2013 - 21:04


Is that the done thing to do before racing then?

It seemed to me that people were just switching them over literally on the startline.

Perhaps they were using alloy braking track rims. Thinking

Sir Velo

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posted by Raleigh [1734 posts]
16th February 2013 - 21:38


You can not use CF brake pads on alu then back onto CF. You have to use specific pads. The CF pads will pick up alu residue(shards if you will) and eat through your CF braking surface. Best pads out there at the moment are blue reynolds. The yellow swiss stops are apparently generating too much heat on CF rims causing the resin in the cf to melt. Crying

posted by Seoige [104 posts]
20th February 2013 - 21:40


So the plan is to change the pads and wheels the night before racing.

If I p*ncture or otherwise need to change a wheel, my dad [support team] will be holding my spares, and I'll just clean the pads up when I get home.

Sir Velo

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posted by Raleigh [1734 posts]
20th February 2013 - 22:42


raleigh- im in the same boat. carbon race wheels/ alloy normals. plus campag pads(right arse to change the pads) basically what the others said. once an alloy rim has touched the pad its game over. arguably you could go home and sand them down but its not worth the risk. for what its worth the zipp pads im using are reeally really good! modulation is amazing. out and out power on par with carbon braking. would definately fit again but have also heard reynolds blue are good.

swissstop yellows are run by lots ofpeople but heard weird stories about them(but dont totally believe it either)

posted by russyparkin [578 posts]
23rd February 2013 - 21:23