Cool New Threads

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I started reading and posting on last summer and it is a very lively forum. However, I have noticed in the new year that the forum has gone a bit quiet. Some of the same old threads keep being dug up and there is less discussion.
I think this is just down to people being off their bikes for the winter, all the news items and new bike threads to post on and the start of the fantasy game. So I hope there will be more people writing about their training and adventures now that Spring seems to be on the way (at least here the daffs are coming up and the rugby is on the telly.)

Meanwhile 'Cool new threads' means something else too. I'll post a picture below of my latest acquisition that I couldn't resist. It is a Great Britain Paralympics skinsuit. Luckily someone I know was able to pick it up for me and they made some up to XL.
I am thinking of wearing it at some sportives I have planned this summer. It might get some attention at the start, and should make me push hard. I am going to need the brand new padding to protect my butt as 52, 92 and 100 miles could be a bit painful, and all the training too.
I guess some people are going to say I haven't earned it, but London 2012 is now over, only a few people ever get to compete in this kit for such a brief time.I am proud of our athletes and I will be very proud to wear it occasionally (plus I don't fancy actually being in the Paralympics as that would require some random limb severage! ouch.) I'd much rather have this rare suit than spend £200 on Rapha Sky's new kit just to be another team clone. I am going to try very hard not to let you overtake me.