Hi, I need to survive 2 nights with what I can carry on my bike. Will be staying in hotels so no tent, towels etc. needed. I don't want to fit a full rack (no upper mounts and no desire for P-clips) but also don't want to use a back pack. Has anyone got experience of the "beam" racks that clamp onto the seatpost? Are they secure or can they bounce around.

What bags are good to sit on these? I'm thinking medium would be suitable to carry a light pair of trousers, trainers, top and wash kit.




Chrisbpr [34 posts] 5 years ago

I used a carradice camper long flap with an SQR clamp system,very stable and easily detaches for security.

matthewn5 [1190 posts] 5 years ago

Beam racks aren't great by all accounts.

What about a Tubus Fly? 330g and easily fitted via the QR and a Salsa seat clamp with rack boss. Even fits my road bike.

big shug [35 posts] 5 years ago

I have been thinking about this as well as I have some 'credit card touring' planned, and don't want a sweaty back or panniers. I'm going for a large bar bag (5-10L; Otrlieb etc.) and one of these: http://wildcatgear.co.uk/products/seat-packs/

They look like they will stop sway and more tucked out of the way than a Carradice type; the drybags you need are quite cheap on fleabay. Only downside is that stuff in here is not very accessible mid-ride.

There is a greater supply of this type of gear from the US (http://gypsybytrade.wordpress.com/2012/09/19/homegrown-bike-bags/) and Alpkit make frame bags to add extra volume.

Altura make post bags but I have heard of frame failures mid-ride and 'bounce and sway' with loaded bags.