lezyne macro drive problem

by wmbrewin   February 9, 2013  


I have tried to search the site/forum for some help but can not find anything relating to this.

I bought the lezyne macro drive just before christmas and it has been fantastic, using it a few times a week for my half hour ride home from work. I last used it on Tuesday but when I came to use it today it did not work.

The green light came on the button as if it was on but no beam. I had charged the light up prior to using it on Tuesday as I have done several times before. The usual test shown the battery was charged but I have recharged it anyway this evening but it still is not working.

I have read on another forum that someone had had a similar problem and they stuck a credit card between the rechargeable battery and connector which sorted the problem as they had used the wrong USB charger to charge theirs up.

If anyone can offer any advice on this I would appreciate it as I have not been able to find anything online, otherwise it will be returned early next week.



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Because its so new, don't go playing with anything, Take it back and have it replaced Wink

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posted by Gkam84 [9364 posts]
9th February 2013 - 1:20


Thanks, yes am thinking the same.

posted by wmbrewin [5 posts]
9th February 2013 - 9:17


I had the same problem and returned it, then the replacement also did exactly the same. Good light but just not reliable enough for me but I may have just been unlucky.


posted by albanb [19 posts]
12th February 2013 - 12:07


At least it has happened before. So far the shop have been brilliant, they responded within a few hours of opening on Monday morning and have organised the return of the light in order to sort it out so hopefully a new one will be on the way soon.

posted by wmbrewin [5 posts]
13th February 2013 - 11:14