HELP! Wheel building advice needed

by BelgianChris   February 8, 2013  


I have recently had to replace my rear hub, and having now put everything back together and on the bike, it doesn't feel right. There is much to much friction, as if the brake is always on whenever I am peddling.

Is this normal? Do the bearings just need time to bed in and adjust themselves to run smoothly or is there something wrong with the wheel... Having never rebuilt a entire wheel before I have nothing to compare it to, and the old hub was so old it just ran and ran forever.

Any help is much appreciated,


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Cup and cone or sealed bearings?


posted by MrC [18 posts]
8th February 2013 - 20:11

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Umm, seeing as don't remember seeing ball bearings when replacing the free-hub I'm going to go with sealed. The odd thing was that the hubs I replaced were cup and cone and I had no problems with excess drag on those.

posted by BelgianChris [7 posts]
8th February 2013 - 21:08


Too much preload on the bearings.

If they're cup and cone then chances are you'd remember but it's quite possible to screw the end caps on hard enough to load the bearings too much even on cartridge bearings and once you apply the additional pressure of the QR skewers you get binding.

Take the wheel off, back off the end caps a 1/6th turn and see if that helps.

posted by racingcondor [150 posts]
8th February 2013 - 22:15


Spot on with that diagnostics. Problem now solved.

Many thanks for your help


posted by BelgianChris [7 posts]
9th February 2013 - 12:39