Im about to buy a cheap turbo....

by 02curtisb   February 7, 2013  

Im about to purchase a nice cheap turbo. I cant afford Tacx or any other brand but am keen on the B'win in ride. Especially as the brand seems to be getting a good rep.

Does anyone have any experiance of this or any other unbranded turbos? Amazon for instance seems to have a few for around £60 which im tempted but unsure!

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I got a b'twin one a couple of weeks ago. Same as you didn't want to pay a fortune but just needed something to work the legs over winter. With my limited exp of turbos it's been fine. Dead easy to use, 6 or 7 settings and seems reasonably quiet. Plus it was recommended in cycling plus or active. I'm sure there's far better ones but it'll do me over winter.

posted by Dutch25 [25 posts]
7th February 2013 - 23:02


I bought a "VARISPEED MAGNETIC BIKE TURBO TRAINER FOLDING S02" late last year via e-bay. £60, free delivery. If interested look at:

It's solid, sturdy and good to use. I have no connection with the company!

The world seemed flatter years ago?

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posted by brittleware [30 posts]
7th February 2013 - 23:31


My tacx on;ly cost a little more (£72) from Merlin.

posted by Super Domestique [1679 posts]
8th February 2013 - 12:26


JE James Cycles doing one with a riser block for just under £100

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posted by andylul [418 posts]
8th February 2013 - 15:56


SJS do a cheaper own brand one that got okay reviews

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posted by TheHatter [811 posts]
8th February 2013 - 21:29


Machine Mart have been selling two nice looking cheap turbos. Last time I looked at the website it seemed that they weren't going to continue with them. Seems like they didn't send one to for review as I suggested. Not clever. Might be some left.

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posted by Peter Scott [19 posts]
8th February 2013 - 21:46


Hi - got one from Halfords a few weeks ago; Elite magnetic, a remote resistance adjuster for under 100. Has been fine once I got the flywheel attached round the correct way! A free bald road tyre from the LBS has kept the noise down (I buy a lot of other stuff from them!)
I have started off with shorter programmes rather than hours on the turbo - have been using these for the first time as well:

Great 'fun' and really kept the motivation and effort up during the ride!

posted by big shug [40 posts]
10th February 2013 - 21:14