Using Strava on a phone abroad

by Bobbys boys   February 1, 2013  

I run Strava on an HTC Desire C.

When I go to Spain for a week of cycling can I still use it or will the cost be prohibitive. Does the Satellite use cost, or just the netowrk connection when the ride uploads? Can I stop the 3G bit and upload 4 or 5 rides all together when I get back?


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I don't know about HTC, but most phones these days have a flight mode...

Switch that on, it will kill all data connections and then just turn the GPS on, it doesn't cost anything.

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posted by Gkam84 [9369 posts]
1st February 2013 - 15:47


Yeah if its anything like my standard old HTC Desire just turn off the 3G and the GPS on and you should be fine.

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posted by darth989 [28 posts]
1st February 2013 - 15:51


On Android there is a setting (in "Wireless and Networks" on my HTC Wildfire) where you can turn off mobile network (deselect the option "use phone for data connnection when wi-fi is unavailable") which should do what you need (but just to be clear I have not tried this myself so cannot guarantee...)

posted by jimmo62 [59 posts]
1st February 2013 - 15:53


Yeah just turn off mobile internet and track with GPS. Upload to strava via wifi or wait till you get home.

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posted by koko56 [335 posts]
2nd February 2013 - 2:45


Unless you have the battery power to do a round the world strava trip. I doubt you will ever run out of memory, It doesn't take alot to save a ride Wink

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posted by Gkam84 [9369 posts]
2nd February 2013 - 19:59


Great thanks.

Will the memory be big enough to store 4 or 5 long rides and upload when I get back to blighty?

posted by Bobbys boys [81 posts]
3rd February 2013 - 14:40


Like a right muppet i've always been turning on the internet connection for recording rides. All it does is eat more battery and disturb your ride with notifications for incoming emails and facebook stuff. I did once try without but then Strava complained about no internet connection, probably because it wanted to synchronise activities (i realise now). Just recorded a ride without the internet on, no problem.

Thanks guys! I'll be recording my rides in Holland next week.

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posted by Dutchie [66 posts]
16th February 2013 - 15:39


Yeah it does complain about having no internet, but thats just so it can sync as you ride. Wink

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posted by Gkam84 [9369 posts]
16th February 2013 - 15:54