Last night I watched The Genius of Invention on BBC2, a programme supposedly about "the inventions that led to the transport revolutions that shaped the modern world." It covered steam engines, the motorcar and jet airplanes. But the total count of mentions of the bicycle was: zero. A couple of months ago, in the first episode of Stephen Fry's Gadget Man, he covered inventions to make the 21st Century commute more bearable. He presented all sorts of ideas, some serious, some less so, from amphibious taxis to individual air conditioning built in to clothing for on packed commuter trains. All of them would only make the problems worse for everyone if they were ever adopted en masse. But the total count of mentions of the bicycle was: zero. Why is the bicycle being completely overlooked by television writers and producers? And this is despite it being both THE ONLY workable solution to transport problems for the foreseeable future, and ABSOLUTELY INSTRUMENTAL to the development of every form of transport invented since (ball bearings, pneumatic tyres, the Wright brothers, etc, etc.)


cidermart [520 posts] 5 years ago

In Gadgetman for a split second there was a bicycle against the wall outside his flat with a flash up of a price tag, Cervelo if I remember but might be wrong. That bit out the way I couldn’t agree more and it seems we are viewed as second class citizens wherever we go.  2