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by RacePace   January 30, 2013  

Anybody any suggestions for a 650 wheeled road bike for a 10 year old lad?

Have looked at MODA, FELT but wondered if there are any others I should look at?

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Yes - B'Twin Triban 3 51cm. £299 from Decathlon. The website doesn't say that the smaller sizes come in 650c. Check out the reviews - pretty glowing. My wife's had one for a month now, done maybe 150km now the weather's nice and is very happy with it. It's mostly 2300 with a bit of Sora, carbon fork, alu frame made in Romania, triple ring for the hills, and looks really nice in the flesh. For £299 you can't go wrong. With a bit of handyman-age you can get 700c mudguards to fit nicely too - just put some SKS Raceblade Long's on it, as well as some crosstop levers: http://twitpic.com/bzk9u9

I was told there would be Cake. Luckily there's http://TestValleyCC.org.uk

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posted by KiwiMike [845 posts]
30th January 2013 - 18:17


Agree with the above, Triban from Decathlon. Bought my 11yo one. Really good value starter road bike. You can mail order to. Smallest is 47" My son has a 48" and was 1m40cm Smile

posted by philsinclair [11 posts]
30th January 2013 - 18:31


I'll third the BTwin/Decathlon bikes. My daughter raced one for a couple of years from age 10/11. Perfectly fine. Otherwise, check out Islabikes.co.uk for a variety of choices.

posted by simon F [1043 posts]
30th January 2013 - 19:00


Thanks, hadn't thought of Decathlon! Will check out on site, if anyone else has any thoughts on anything else i should checkout would be much appreciated...

Does anyone have a MODA or Felt? I did hear Cannondale did a 650 aswell but I can't seem to see anything on the tinterweb

posted by RacePace [19 posts]
30th January 2013 - 19:14


Islabikes Luath 26? As good as anything on the market and unbeatable residual value. Good for touring, racing, even cyclo-cross.

Secondhand you might find a Giant SCR in XXS (39cm) if you're really lucky.

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posted by Simon E [2297 posts]
30th January 2013 - 23:33


The only others I know of are

* Pro-lite TheOne

* Planet X announced the other day they were doing the Battaglin junior road bikes

Personally I would go with Simon E's recommendation of the Isla Luath 26. Fantastic bikes (we've got 2 of the 24's at the moment). Being 10, he will grow quick and when he is ready for 700c wheels, and the choice widens, you will be able to sell it for almost what you paid for it.

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posted by othello [329 posts]
31st January 2013 - 10:20