Replacing Brake Blocks

by 02curtisb   January 30, 2013  

Hi All,

I've finally worn through my Shimano 105 5700 brake blocks and cant seem to find out what are suitable replacements. Im not sure if i can replace just the braking pad (as the 105 replacements seem to come with the whole block).

Also i'de ideally like to upgrade the pad if possible but am not sure what types will fit.

I should mention i have an alloy braking track on my wheels.

Any advice or recommendations would be appreciated.


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Swisstop pads are amazing, but do cost a lot. I'd say they're worth it though. I think they sell them with blocks and pads together if you look online (or your LBS of course, though they can sometimes be hard to find).

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30th January 2013 - 12:39


Ultegra pads go straight in but cost about £10 a pair, might get them cheaper?, but other makes will slot straight in too.

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30th January 2013 - 12:45

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From pictures of 105 5700 brake shoes I've seen, they're just like many others. See eg here, these are the replacements you're referring to?

See that small philips screw on the back of the shoe? Undo it. After that the pad itself should just slide out ( you may need to press it a bit with a flat screwdriver ). After that - insert your replacement, decent suggestions above.

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30th January 2013 - 13:00


as mentioned above Swisstop pads are really good although they come at a bit more of a premium price.

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30th January 2013 - 14:48

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Shimano do number of different brake block materials for use in different conditions & with different rim materials.

For aluminium rims there are:

R55C - for dry conditions (works in wet conditions but wears quickly)
R55C+1 - as above bit 1mm thicker (I have these on Summer bike)
R55C2 - for dry & wet (highly resistant to wear in the wet)
R55C3 - for dry and wet conditions (I recently put these on my winter bike)

The R55C3 on my winter bike appear to be wearing quite quickly in recent wet conditions.

I might go back to Swisstop green for my winter bike as they brake ok and I got 4200 miles out of the last set.

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30th January 2013 - 16:40


105 should have removable pads/inserts - undo small retaining screw/allen head first. Can be a bit tight but should slide in/out.

I bought some Aztec road pads from my LBS. I found these were better than stock Shimano. They were about £5/wheel.

Have since tried Kool-Stop after using their pads on my old hack MTB but on the road bike that they don't feel great - imprecise, soft and don't really 'bite'.

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30th January 2013 - 17:11