Pes Cavus feet and clipless pedals

Hello.. Reasonably new to the community and after a long break from cycling, I've started to commute to work again. In my younger years, I used road and mtb clipless pedals, with varying degrees of success..Tried so many set ups after I started with pain in my ankles, hip and more troublesome right knee. I'm currently using toe clips with trainers..I know this isn't ideal..But at least I'm able to cycle the 12 mile commute with little pain.

I have got some generic orthotics to help with my Pes Cavus feet..I know getting some specially made can be very expensive and I just don't have the spare cash atm.. Would be interested in any advice from other members, with this type of foot problem? And if they're able to use clipless pedals. Also any advice on shoe and pedal choice would be helpful..I'm looking more at a shoe for touring and not a road shoe..

Thanks for reading..

Kind regards