Fantasy Cycling 2013 - the winners thread

by Dave Atkinson   January 28, 2013  

I'll post the winners here, for posterity like...

Tour Down Under:

Stage 1: scorekeeper
Stage 2: Pondy Evans
Stage 3: marobertson
Stage 4: slh40
Stage 5: serge78
Stage 6: Chameleon78
Overall: marobertson
Purist: 094459

Tour of Qatar

Stage 1: American tifosi (American tifosi)
Stage 2: Welsh Fish (RhysW)
Stage 3: Team Moro (christian) & Gouwe Kouwie (Gouwe Kouwie)
Stage 4: Team Moro (christian)
Stage 5: Team Monell (zaida)
Stage 6: The red devils (ludo37)
Overall: Team Wabi (gabi)
Purist: Champions (arsene)

Tour Méditerenéen

Stage 1: anita (anita)
Stage 2: Benway Wheelers (Benway)
Stage 3: -stage abandoned-
Stage 4: Veelers Wheel (Wig_Billy)
Stage 5: Birkett's Boys (rbirkett1989)
Overall: Veelers Wheel (Wig_Billy)
Purist: Ratcliffe26 (Purist) (TERatcliffe26)

Tour of Oman

Stage 1: mas (mas)
Stage 2: Paniagua (PGSmith)
Stage 3: Manx Wildcats (SmoothOperator)
Stage 4: Team Runaway (rosa)
Stage 5: Bongo Wheelers CC (ashleyn)
Stage 6: Equipe Mons (Cirage)
Overall: Panniers of Panache (after_rain)
Purist: Pesky Pesyks (marvo)

Volta ao Algarve

Stage 1: felixxx (felixxx)
Stage 2: Daves Diamonds (davemchol)
Stage 3: Ratcliffe26 (TERatcliffe26), a1Wrangler (1wrangler)
Stage 4: a1Wrangler (1wrangler)
Overall: arrapazak (subienkow)
Purist: Wheeling & Dealing (archieboy)

Early Classics

Omloop Het Nieuwsblad: Benway Wheelers (Benway)
Kuurne-Brussel-Kuurne: cancelled
GP Camaiore: Veelers Wheel (Wig_Billy)
Strade Bianche: trees (trees)
Roma Maxima: Team RJB (REALJimBob)
Overall: Veelers Wheel (Wig_Billy)
Purist: skidders skeletons (stevemarks)

Tirreno Adriatico

Stage 1: VC Otis Bragg (Otis Bragg)
Stage 2: lords of the chain rings (cookie197)
Stage 3: IP2W (IP2W
Stage 4: Balloonians-Foghoppers (futurefunk)
Stage 5: RichJohno75 (RichJohno75)
Stage 6: ducknumber1 (ducknumber1)
Stage 7: allaction (allaction)
Overall: pedalnotes (Viscount)
Purist: Balloonians-Foghoppers (futurefunk)

Spring Classics

Milan - San Remo: Headless Chickens (Headless Chicken)
Gent - Wevelgem: veloraptors (pkirkbright)
Ronde van Vlaanderen: Sean Kelly's Rear Wheel (andynic) - on a coin toss
Paris - Roubaix: thegunshopmen (thegunshopman)
Amstel Gold Race: Dirtx (Dirtx)
Fleche Wallonne: velvet lungers (mattpool)
Liege - Bastogne - Liege: robgruschke (robgruschke)
Overall: Domestique Dis Turbans (makiavelli)

Volta Ciclista a Catalunya

Stage 1: frasse (frasse)
Stage 2: Velosophy (grahamdenny)
Stage 3: Fluidwind (Keetley13)
Stage 4: Silent Assassins (rcorbin)
Stage 5: verano_finlandes  (verano_finlandes)
Stage 6: serge78  (serge78)
Stage 7: Alveley Lightning (rekrap1963)
Overall: serge78  (serge78)0
Purist: Alveley Lightning (rekrap1963)

Vuelta Pais Vasco

Stage 1: Team Bring It (Nevetsyarg)
Stage 2: Sit on sit in  (Ben Clark)
Stage 3: De Peddelaars  (ChefSpijker)
Stage 4: Team Sky Blue  (NeilG83)
Stage 5: BeachRoadCervelo  (nwhalbo)
Stage 6: Velosophy     (grahamdenny)
azkune     (azkune)
Sneck Lifters     (lord of starkness)
elektrikuk    (elektra)
the drugs don't work     (propertynorm)
omnes viri bellatores     (iammarcmason)
Gordon     (mrpt5)
shenanigans    (shannigan)
Aaron's Aces    (shawal65)
Nut Buggets     (Chris Bevan)
Team Cairns     (robacairns)
les theieres volantes    (taustin789)
karlake2     (karlake2)
jpikesonze   (jpikesonze)
TEAM PIE (BCCCC)     (Rich Buxton)
Rollende Apotheken    (sepporepi)
Overall: Radio Bank (guinunes)
Purist: De Peddelaars (ChefSpijker)

Giro del Trentino

Stage 1a: Chippy Gregory (Chippy Gregory)
Stage 1b: Dr Livingstone (Dr Livingstone)
Stage 2: Vino forever baby (Dr Plumbster)
Stage 3: drdevious (drdevious)
Stage 4: a1Wrangler (1wrangler)
Overall: Panniers of Panache (after_rain)
Purist: Moylers (Moylj1)

Tour de Romandie

Prologue: Allez Presto (simDP)
Stage 1: De Peddelaars (ChefSpijker)
Stage 2: OJB Racing (obutterwick)
Stage 3: OJB Racing (obutterwick)
Stage 4: Lampre-LSD (ewen)
Stage 5: les theieres volantes (taustin789)
Overall: OJB Racing (obutterwick)
Purist: Blow_Hamburger (Blow_Hamburger)

Tour of California

Stage 1: Mappers24 (Mappers24)
Stage 2: The 'Berrow Brawlers (The Good Shepherd)
Stage 3: Team Cairns (robacairns)
Stage 4: jp55 (jp55)
Stage 5: BeachRoadCervelo (nwhalbo)
Stage 6: Team Greenfield (Team Greenfield)
Stage 7: The Manx Missiles (manxfelipe)
Stage 8: Otur Riders (ferluinavela) & BBB (smiley_boy2501)
Overall: frechville flyers (naffets)
Purist: 3milerouler (curlybob)

Giro d'Italia

Stage 1: Dave Atkinson (219 points)
Stage 2: garycox (90 points)
Stage 3: mrpt5 (138 points)
Stage 4: Alex Cyclist (152 points)
Stage 5: robfarrington (99 points)
Stage 6: DoNRaDu (185 points)
Stage 7: jmorrisseyd (161 points)
Stage 8: jaahe (172 points)
Stage 9: 934864 (182 points)
Stage 10: marobertson (218 points)
Stage 11: jacquesbonquetil (149 points)
Stage 12: sori (153 points)
Stage 13: Headless Chicken, jacobo, djb123 (170 points)
Stage 14: Dr Plumbster, mizzle, thierry74 (233 points)
Stage 15: silas chime (285 points)
Stage 16: STEVESPRO 79 (221 points)
Stage 17: Rigobear (189 points)
Stage 18: 2wheelzgood (218 points)
Stage 19: cancelled
Stage 20: marxtrom (233 points)
Stage 21: thorolf (221 points)
Overall winner: presenrumu08
Purist winner: Flizyt

Criterium du Dauphiné

Stage 1: dtozer7 (dtozer7) (208 points)
Stage 2: Panniers of Panache (after_rain) (162 points)
Stage 3: El Bandito Jnr Velo (rhif7) (184 points)
Stage 4: pritchardbrown (pritchardbrown) (192 points)
Stage 5: LooseSpokes (LooseSpokes) (164 points)
Stage 6: Orchardho (Andrew Banner) (136 points)
Stage 7: Amazon (Ajay), korfing Cyclists (korf2911) (200 points)
Stage 8: Fassa Bortolo Pro Cycling (Patters154) (176 points)
Overall winner: Gmancervelo
Purist winner: electric

Tour de Suisse

Stage P: cherrypicked (cherrypicked) (138 points)
Stage 2: Daves Diamonds (davemchol) (134 points)
Stage 3: Gordon (mrpt5) (160 points)
Stage 4: L3BZ (lebz) (150 points)
Stage 5: Ratcliffe26 (TERatcliffe26) (152 points)
Stage 6: GetJohn (johcar) (107 points)
Stage 7: pacer boy (marobertson) (210 points)
Stage 8: 9 Angry Men (Danforth) (132 points)
Overall winner: Daves Diamonds (davemchol)
Purist winner: Pot luck... (934864)

Tour de France

Stage 1: cbantilan (cbantilan) (208 points)
Stage 2: Stevesmyth100 (Stevesmyth100) (132 points)
Stage 3: IP2W (IP2W) (164 points)
Stage 4: jayna (jayna), Hinten kackt die Ente (Spritzen-Ulle) (148 points)
Stage 5: TheFlyingPirate (TheFlyingPirate) (159 points)
Stage 6: sykkelerbest (sykkelerbest) (212 points)
Stage 7: Il Grillo (ivanfombella) (176 points)
Stage 8: Wheeling & Dealing (archieboy), The Bent Forks (Chossum) (222 points)
Stage 9: Bullys wheelers (stevebull-01) (151 points)
Stage 10: Walruses (adriyanos) (181 points)
Stage 11: playsphin (playsphinx), amesrj (amesrj), Stuart Smith (Stuart Smith), The Ratpack (old blue eyes), Kendoddsdadsdogsdead (simonwarren007), 3milerouler (curlybob) (156 points)
Stage 12: Fighting Weasels (bobmilligan) (169 points)
Stage 13: Team Technical Waistcoat (Percespb) (189 points)
Stage 14: nxc (nxc) (112 points)
Stage 15: The 95th (sharpiesharpe) (191 points)
Stage 16: Sicasal-Penha de Frania (pinguis) (150 points)
Stage 17: Space Wheelies (Space Wheelies), Suicidal Breakaway (phamnuwen92), Rayment's Rouleurs (Jamin), Team Motogull (Team Motogull), Big Cog (freed), Musette Musings (amenenema), Ronstermonster (Ronstermonster), Indurains lungs (Samacollins), VeloCaerdydd (Joshmo), Team MaLu (baracas77), skeltonbabe (skeltonbabe), ineedcash (ineedcash), straid slowstep (mike1415), Martin cannon (Martin cannon), Ferrari who? (fraser) (175 points)
Stage 18: buddy1884 (buddy1884), ispend2muchtimeonthis (el gordo) (200 points)
Stage 19: GoWingAndPrayer Cycling Team (WingAndPrayer) (209 points)
Stage 20: Magic Spanners (Conti) (190 points)
Stage 21: Manx Missiles (Ewan), Mountain Renegade (tony kappler), Dartford RC (leonbanton) (166 points)
Overall winner: Radio Bank (guinunes)
Purist winner: Il Pirata (Bab00n)

Eneco Tour

Stage 1: The Pigeons (chrisdstripes) (176 points)
Stage 2: Gmancervelo (Gmancervelo) (172 points)
Stage 3: Debarrio (Debarrio) (156 points)
Stage 4: The Manx Missiles (manxfelipe) (220 points)
Stage 5: Lloyds Wheelers (phill lloyd) (206 points)
Stage 6: KeejayOV (KeejayOV) (145 points)
Stage 7: Rant Express (Rant), Accident prone (lesley67) (218 points)
Overall winner: Gmancervelo (Gmancervelo)
Purist winner: Semitae (Semitae)

USA Pro Cycling Challenge

Stage 1: Veelers Wheel (Wig_Billy) , The Instigator (The Instigator), No more omerta 2013 (daveeagle) (224 points)
Stage 2: dtozer7 (dtozer7) (238 points)
Stage 3: B-Twinners (B-Twinners) (208 points)
Stage 4: The Manx Missiles (manxfelipe) (284 points)
Stage 5: cherrypicked (cherrypicked) (190 points)
Stage 6: Mountain Renegade (tony kappler) (166 points)
Stage 7: Veelers Wheel (Wig_Billy) (198 points)
Overall winner: The Manx Missiles (manxfelipe)
Purist winner: The Manx Missiles (manxfelipe)

Vuelta a Espana

Stage 1: eoghan39 (eoghan39) (174 points)
Stage 2: Dag Otto Lauridsen (martinlaes) (168 points)
Stage 3: dash (Etsuko Hama) (202 points)
Stage 4: dinbsky (dinbsky) (163 points)
Stage 5: Gouwe Kouwie (Gouwe Kouwie) (183 points)
Stage 6: dlewis1a (dlewis1a) (166 points)
Stage 7: tts bristol - chris (chrisgnewman) (134 points)
Stage 8: Radio Bank (guinunes), The Pigeons (chrisdstripes), cherrypicked (cherrypicked), BMC (Bald Manc C___) Racing (bradders1980), Gmancervelo (Gmancervelo), Scorekeeper (scorekeeper), bretagne s�ch� (yann le coz) (226 points)
Stage 9: The Burghfield Cycle Club (ianthegecko) (211 points)
Stage 10: mshamster (mshamster) (228 points)
Stage 11: Nick Ost (Nick Ost), purefantasy (Alan Tullett) (239 points)
Stage 12: Team El Flaco (flaco), liamsmale (liamsmale), Berties allsorts (blowndes) (157 points)
Stage 13: Team Lucas (lucas) (145 points)
Stage 14: GetJohn (johcar) (233 points)
Stage 15: NONDOPINGBASTARDS (stukas666) (223 points)
Stage 16: NathanLukeTickner (NathanLukeTickner) (127 points)
Stage 17: Team Morales (jacobo) (168 points)
Stage 18: Fiona41 (Fiona41) (194 points)
Stage 19: Liestronger (tfrawley) (205 points)
Stage 20: karlake2 (karlake2) (231 points)
Stage 21: Anaheim Dreamers (capitalgull) (185 points)
Overall winner: Scorekeeper (scorekeeper)
Purist winner: Rouleurs Revenge (benwatson1989)

GP Quebec & Montreal

Stage Q: De Peddelaars (ChefSpijker) (157 points)
Stage M: Wheeling & Dealing (archieboy) (175 points)
Overall winner: BJP Racing Team (Ben Phippen)
Purist winner: BJP Racing Team (Ben Phippen)

Tour of Britain

Stage 1: TriniTrainRidesAgain (hainesed) (184 points)
Stage 2: klaw cycling (mrkeith119) (154 points)
Stage 3: Saturdayboy (Saturdayboy) (214 points)
Stage 4: Brittany Baroudeurs (yland) (171 points)
Stage 5: mischelka (mischelka) (300 points)
Stage 6: Team Romeo (julieta), Team Atlanta Syrup Co. (leah) (246 points)
Stage 7: smashtheminthelegs (mb429) (199 points)
Stage 8: Comesa�a Forever (pmfuentenebro) (200 points)
Overall winner: Knackered Knees (underachiever74)
Purist winner: Kaiser (Kaiser)

World Championships

Stage T: Sam Truffles (Markwisdish), Wheely Good (paulypops), clarky velo (pcsplace), Glasnost (Glasnost), Allanon771 (Allanon771), teosheva (teosheva), backflipbedlem (backflipbedlem), GerOM (GerOM), dopestrong (dopestrong), Autobus Pro Cycling (Autobus Pro Cycling), eoghan39 (eoghan39), bccccfox (bccccfox), Flizyt (Flizyt), Arctic (Arctic), 9 Angry Men (Danforth), Champ de Treat (crooked rain), Guitariff (Guitariff), Pharmacie Roulant (Jonas Lorenzen), Rant Express (Rant), Queens Park Riders (ray silvester), Lindo's Whippets (danlindfield), dtozer7 (dtozer7), leortp (leortp), The Ratpack (old blue eyes), BeachRoadCervelo (nwhalbo), Huggy's Bush Prestige (huggyboy), Huggy's Bush Prestige (huggyboy), Veelers Wheel (Wig_Billy), Renfra Bunch 2013 (JohnnyRemo), Rouleurs Revenge (benwatson1989), Fredtastic (Aapje), SQuirkios (slimbo), Wheeling & Dealing (archieboy), olic (olic), Mostly Hopeless (drheaton) (148 points)
Stage I: Cobbled Killers (wagleason) (196 points)
Stage R: teosheva (teosheva) (132 points)
Overall winner: teosheva (teosheva)
Purist winner: teosheva (teosheva)

Autumn Classics

Stage M: BRECHIN WIND (Cissy Fairfax) (191 points)
Stage L: Equipe Mons (Cirage) (184 points)
Stage B: Lo Splendido Cycling Team (adamgohn) (197 points)
Stage P: The Manx Missiles (manxfelipe) (183 points)
Overall winner: The Manx Missiles (manxfelipe)
Purist winner: The Manx Missiles (manxfelipe)

Tour of Beijing

Stage 1: ProVelo (ricycle), Dave's Dawdlers (davidh) (155 points)
Stage 2: TheFlyingPies (thorolf) (168 points)
Stage 3: Dave's Dawdlers (davidh) (169 points)
Stage 4: Girl From EPOnema (bigmacsg) (196 points)
Stage 5: allaction (allaction), asstanner (kevinP) (179 points)
Overall winner: frechville flyers (naffets)
Purist winner: skidders skeletons (stevemarks)

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Dave, you have made this the funnest experience ever. Pretty cool! Thanks! Smile

Vive Le Fantasy Cycling Game!

posted by enrique [2316 posts]
28th January 2013 - 15:42


Top 10 Overall?


posted by spurs810 [73 posts]
28th January 2013 - 19:02


posted by drheaton [3429 posts]
28th January 2013 - 21:40


Ah thanks for that, im sitting proudly in 3rd position Cool , shame I dont get a prize though Sad


posted by spurs810 [73 posts]
30th January 2013 - 18:02


Are there prizes for stage wins in this? Socks?

posted by slh40 [5 posts]
30th January 2013 - 21:57


yes indeed. emails going out 2mo

Dave Atkinson's picture

posted by Dave Atkinson [7855 posts]
30th January 2013 - 22:39


Any prizes for top 3 overall finish in the tour of aussieland?


posted by spurs810 [73 posts]
31st January 2013 - 19:35


Cool! I won a stage! Was I supposed to get an email?.. Smile

posted by christian [1 posts]
21st February 2013 - 23:54


there are prizes for stage wins? Anything else get prizes?


1wrangler's picture

posted by 1wrangler [54 posts]
22nd March 2013 - 21:20


didnt realise i had won a stage am sure i was outscored by people though on that particular stage

posted by davemchol [35 posts]
25th March 2013 - 0:23


Well chuffed / surprised to win a Giro stage - do we get the prizes at the end of the whole season?

posted by mrpt5 [64 posts]
29th May 2013 - 17:32


Holy Lord- I actually won a stage on the Tirreno Adratico? Thanks for posting these! Nerd

Otis Bragg's picture

posted by Otis Bragg [170 posts]
27th June 2013 - 14:45


I won the Milan San Remo - I answered the email regarding the prize. However i still haven't recieved the prize.

posted by Headless Chicken [10 posts]
19th July 2013 - 11:25


I'm pretty sure i've won stage 9 of the TDF. I've waited a few days to see if I recieve an email, but haven't heard anything yet. Having never won before I'm not really sure how it works, do we hear when the tour has finished?

posted by stevebull-01 [62 posts]
20th July 2013 - 7:32


Woo Clasica San Sebastian is mine! I never thought this day would come!
Shame there's no prize though, my wife will still have no justification as to why I do this. Cool

backflipbedlem's picture

posted by backflipbedlem [1306 posts]
29th July 2013 - 14:28


tdf prizewinners will be contacted when i get back from me hols, end of the week.

bfb - i'll shout you some schwag for your CSS win. send me your deets.

Dave Atkinson's picture

posted by Dave Atkinson [7855 posts]
29th July 2013 - 18:09


Headless Chicken wrote:
I won the Milan San Remo - I answered the email regarding the prize. However i still haven't recieved the prize.

i'll check that out when i get back, thanks for letting me know

Dave Atkinson's picture

posted by Dave Atkinson [7855 posts]
29th July 2013 - 18:10


Did stage winner emails go out for thee Giro?

posted by Headless Chicken [10 posts]
7th August 2013 - 9:08


Dave Atkinson wrote:
tdf prizewinners will be contacted when i get back from me hols, end of the week.

bfb - i'll shout you some schwag for your CSS win. send me your deets.

Cheers Dave, I've sent you my deets! Wink

backflipbedlem's picture

posted by backflipbedlem [1306 posts]
7th August 2013 - 10:04


Just saw Dave's note here about TDF prizewinners notification to be sent out early August. I finished 3rd in the TDF and understand first place wins a bike, and "runners up" win a Lazer helmet and eyewear. Since I finished third, and website says "runners up" (plural), I understand I won a Lazer helmet and eyewear. Have not received an email yet.



posted by pclark007 [28 posts]
14th August 2013 - 19:11


sorry, been a bit slow getting round to it Thinking

Dave Atkinson's picture

posted by Dave Atkinson [7855 posts]
14th August 2013 - 19:41


Thanks, Dave.

Actually, I think this is my bad. rcorbin just forwarded me the email you sent on July 31 to he and I re the TDF runners up prizes. It must either have gone to my spam box or I accidentally deleted it.

So, I am all set and will get back to you shortly with colors and sizing.

I appreciate all the hard work you guys put in. This is a very entertaining and addictive game and extremely well run.

Thanks again.


posted by pclark007 [28 posts]
15th August 2013 - 11:23


Hi Dave, I have won three stages this year, but I don't know if there were prizes for those races. I never got any happy emails. Crying The stages were Algarve stages 3 and 4 (tied with TERatcliff on stg 3), and stage 4 of Trentino.
Love the game, prizes or not, but wooeee prizes are nice!


1wrangler's picture

posted by 1wrangler [54 posts]
1st September 2013 - 0:37



I've still not heard anything re my Giro Stage win or Milan San Remo.

Have you managed to check yet?

posted by Headless Chicken [10 posts]
9th September 2013 - 12:46


Have loved playing the game, it's been an amazing ride thank you, but could do with something to show for my considerable hours of effort before my husband threatens to divorce me. Will there be any prizes for regional league winners? Have won nothing yet, but still hanging in there hopefully for Scotland/Glasgow & West league ...

posted by Yo [11 posts]
2nd October 2013 - 18:41


backflipbedlem wrote:
Dave Atkinson wrote:
tdf prizewinners will be contacted when i get back from me hols, end of the week.

bfb - i'll shout you some schwag for your CSS win. send me your deets.

Cheers Dave, I've sent you my deets! Wink

Hey Dave,

Still eagerly awaiting my 'schwag'! Any idea when I can expect your kind generosity?


backflipbedlem's picture

posted by backflipbedlem [1306 posts]
15th October 2013 - 13:11


Big Grin I've just noticed I won the ToB Purist comp! Was there a prize perchance?

Kaiser's picture

posted by Kaiser [7 posts]
7th November 2013 - 19:48