High cost of Campag & Shimano brake spares.

by Admiral   January 22, 2013  

I cannot understand why one has to pay over £20 for brake blocks. When I first bought spares for my Weinman brakes I bought a card of red blocks for £3 the card held about 20 pairs. Now with my Campag Veloce I am expected to pay £22 & my Shimano 105 over £16. I actually currently use Fibrax blocks which permit repacing blocks into the shoes. Also I understand other makes with similar atributes are available. But the brake manufacturers seem to adhere to over inflated prices.

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You are simply paying for the brand I'm afraid, Its a bit like fashion.

I can walk into a designer shop and buy a pair of jeans for £200 because they have a "top" name label on them

Or I can walk into Primark or Asda and get just as good quality jeans for under £20.

Its all marketing, you'll notice when you get brakes or rims, they will recommend a couple of types that will be suitable with your set up, they won't mention then 20 other types that are just as good, because they are not part of their branding.

I wouldn't pay that much for blocks anyway.

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posted by Gkam84 [9287 posts]
22nd January 2013 - 10:08


Or not comparing apples with apples. When did you first buy your Weinman pads, 1980? 105 pads have replaceable inserts as do current Veloce. The old style Veloce one piece pads can be changed for cartridge systems and Clarkes pads can be sourced for either of these at about £6 a pair.


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posted by Wooliferkins [50 posts]
22nd January 2013 - 10:41


I agree with getting the cartridge style system of brakes and shopping around for replaceable pads especially this time of year when you tend to go through pads quicker. I will use swiss stop during the spring and summer months and a cheaper brand like Clarks during the autumn and winter.

I can't agree that a pair of Asda or Primark jeans are the same quality as say a pair of Diesel, replay, Levi's or G-star jeans, they are not even nearly close with the quality of denim and fit etc.

posted by ScottChegg [11 posts]
22nd January 2013 - 13:07

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I do agree though I wouldn;t go super cheap with blocks- I once had to get some in Wilkinsons for about £3 and they only lasted about a week (100miles). I find the BBB ones are good value and work well.

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posted by TheHatter [811 posts]
22nd January 2013 - 13:32


i have used a varying selection of pads, would say swissstop are worth the cash.

halt gooey are cheap but wear out really fast,its about feel half of it though,
i have some uber bike pads in the winter bike and they were £6 for 2 sets (8 pads) they are ok but there is no 'feel' where as the the campag pads they replaced felt nice and lasted well.

i would go swissstop black for winter swissstop green for 'summer' if you have none cartridge ones fitted currently buy the halt goeey with shoes, £18 f+r and when the pads wear stick the swissstops in as swissstop shoes are on par with ultegra/campag pads prices

posted by russyparkin [578 posts]
22nd January 2013 - 16:11


Agree with Russyparkin's comments about swissstop. Personally, I notice a difference in braking power and control when I use them, particularly in the wet. And they last well also.

IMO an extra few ££ is well worth it for the extra performance. Brakes is not something I want to skimp on!!

posted by pirnie [209 posts]
22nd January 2013 - 17:05


I suppose it's a bit like razor blades. They wear out quickly and you need to replace them so the manufacturer has you over a barrel and can demand high prices.


posted by robert.brady [158 posts]
22nd January 2013 - 19:14


That's pretty much how economy works. Consume, consume consume. It is quite sad though.

posted by Giusto [11 posts]
22nd January 2013 - 19:48


I found that initially as well when getting into road cycling. Having tried Ultegra, DA, Kool Stop Salmon, Tiagra, Revolution (Edinburgh bikes) and Swissstop green I found little to no difference between the Shimano blocks nor with the Salmons TBH in terms of longevity or power/modulation.

The Swissstop though while feel similar if slightly better do last a VERY good amount of time so for me they are 100% worth it. They are insignificantly more expensive than others and actually come with own cartridge holders so you can get into that system straight away. Considering how much longer they last I would go with them.


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25th January 2013 - 22:00


A bit like cleats - one of the most overpriced lumps of metal available. I recently bought a pair of M520 pedals in Evans for £17.99, complete with cleats. The price for the cleats alone - £17.99.

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25th January 2013 - 22:48


+1 for BBB for Veloce brakes. My original campagnolo veloce pads (the ones all moulded together without separate shoes) squealed like a pig and offered no confidence on big descents.

The BBB's are silent with loads of modulation feel and positive braking.

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25th January 2013 - 23:08


Markmod wrote:
+1 for BBB for Veloce brakes. My original campagnolo veloce pads (the ones all moulded together without separate shoes) squealed like a pig and offered no confidence on big descents.

The BBB's are silent with loads of modulation feel and positive braking.

+1 also on the BBB. Just changed them and they work perfectly. 6 bucks versus 22 for campy ones. Cyclist get ripped off on part prices generally.

posted by Seoige [104 posts]
20th February 2013 - 22:07


+1 for bbb brake blocks £5.50 from lbs work jst as well as high end ones Wink

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20th February 2013 - 23:14