Atrial Fibrillation

by twosparetubes   January 21, 2013  

I've just been diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation and am waiting treatment. Anyone else suffer from this and how has it affected your riding if at all.

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Hi Andrew,

I've had AF for nearly 20 years now and have to say it hasn't had any effect on my cycling or gym work although I'm only a leisure cyclist, charity cycles & long days out cycling, not sportives etc. I was diagnosed with the condition at a very young age for AF (normally something you get in later life apparently), I'm only 46 now and never had a problem. I still cycle every day & go to the gym regularly.

You'll probably be put onto tablets to control the irregular heartbeat, I assume Digoxin and possibly a beta blocker, but these shouldn't affect any training you do. The only annoyance with the condition is going for regular blood tests if you're put on warfarin. Hopefully you'll be spared that.

Your doctor will be quite happy for you to keep cycling, mine certainly is!

Good luck!

posted by Dread66 [10 posts]
21st January 2013 - 19:31


I know nothing about AF, but wish you all the best going forward and keeping up cycling

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21st January 2013 - 19:43


Thanks for that Dave. It certainly helps to hear other stories. I'm 46 too, on beta blockers and Dabigatran ( like warfarin only newer) and waiting for a cardioversion procedure. Hopefully that will work!

posted by twosparetubes [18 posts]
21st January 2013 - 19:52


Good luck with the cardioversion, hope it does work for you! I had that when first diagnosed but didn't work, they think because they didn't catch it early enough. Hopefully they've diagnosed yours in time.

There's new treatments coming out all the time so you have a few options open to you.

I'm stuck on tablets for the rest of my life but learnt to live with it now! Sigh

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21st January 2013 - 20:05


Your standard cardiologist may not know much about AF and sports and may caution you unecessarily against strenuous exercise. So don't be afraid to ask nicely for a referral for specialist advice!
I'm in the trade so was interested in the problem; this link may be helpful:

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23rd January 2013 - 18:41


Hi big shug, Wow. Just been reading info on drjohnm website. So many more questions to ask my cardiologist when I see him on 20 march! Thanks for the link. Have started light exercise on cross trainer and heart peaking at 170bpm avg about 150. Desperate to get this sorted so any info is great.

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5th February 2013 - 16:44


Hi Andy
I feel your pain ! I have had AF for a good 8 years,I am now 49, though it took them a long time to find it, I had so many tests, I think they thought I was making things up.
My AF causes me to have big flat spots and make my arms and leggs vey tired, I always manage to ride but some days I go home early as its just too much.

I had an ablation 1 week ago, they said it would just be a bit uncomfortable under local anasthetic, wrong, it hurt me, though I have spoken to people who said it was fine.
I will not know if it has worked for 3 months they say, so fingers crossed.

The things I found most usefull while I was on tablets and which my first dr did not tell me were to cut out coffe and anything caffine based and alcahol altogether.
This is just what I found, others may differ.
Oh yes, avoid stress as well Wink

Hope this helps

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6th February 2013 - 13:25


Thanks for your post P. Where do I start. I love espresso and am partial to a good red too so cutting those out has been difficult. Decaf espresso is just not the same! As for stress, I run my own business and am married with 2 teenage kids so avoiding stress is pretty much impossible too. After the initial shock of thinking I was having a heart attack things have settled down a bit. I'm having an ECG monitor fitted on Monday so hopefully things will start moving and we can get to the bottom of ths. I've read about ablation , not sure about that, we'll have to see how my cardio version goes first I suppose. Good luck with your recovery and hope everything goes well. Lets keep posting our progress as I know reading other people's experiences has certainly helped me.

posted by twosparetubes [18 posts]
6th February 2013 - 22:05


There is no hope for you andrew Wink
You will hate me for saying this, but twinings lemon and
ginger tea with a spoon of honey is ace, and a decafe latte
on a saturday is a big treat for me.
I too have 2 teenage kids, could be a medical breakthrough Wink
I got sent to glenfield hospital in leicester, with all that is going on in the press about bad hospitals it is nice to be able to say it was an excellent hospial on every visit I have made there.
Hope all goes well for you and yes we should update.

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6th February 2013 - 22:51


Just a quick update. Been out on bike Friday and today
Felt good but tired. Check out heart rate!
Seeing cardiologist this week with cardioversion next.

posted by twosparetubes [18 posts]
17th February 2013 - 20:50


Smile Had cardioversion yesterday and it was a SUCCESS! Heart back to beating normally again. Fingers crossed it stays that way, apparently it can revert back at anytime..must be positive though cant wait to get back to cycling properly again! Got quite a few lbs to shift too!

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27th February 2013 - 13:12