Why I am not going premium this year

by nickobec   January 21, 2013  

It is not because I am a cheapskate. It is because I am competitive and will try to do the best I can.

That means spending on average an hour or more researching each stage before and during a race. And with so many races in premium, I would be spending so much time researching and planning, that I would lose out on riding/training time. So I rather sacrifice game time to ride time.

So good luck to all premium players, hope you have the time to invest to do it properly.

I will be aiming to beat you all in the standard games and standard overall and expect to do well, given my performance over past couple of seasons even if I am disadvantaged by the "unlimited" transfers

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you don't *have* to do them all Big Grin

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posted by Dave Atkinson [7805 posts]
21st January 2013 - 16:20


Yes but not having to do then and my competitive urge/need to perform well in all of them do not mix for me

posted by nickobec [261 posts]
21st January 2013 - 22:00


Crap, well, I think you're setting your sights high trying to compete with the Premium players! I think you'll do fine, though. In week long stage races and one day races I don't think they'll have a strategic advantage! I know you've placed well in the game before, haven't you?

I know you want to measure yourself against the Premium players, but if you want to join the Standard Players league, we'd be happy to grow it! Smile There you'd be pretty likely to sit at the top of the pile! Smile The league is called Standard Players, its ID is 76269 and it's public. Come on! Lead the pack, nicko! Smile

Vive Le Road.cc Fantasy Cycling Game!

posted by enrique [2281 posts]
21st January 2013 - 22:54