Why did I come to work?

by GREGJONES   January 21, 2013  

Any body else braze snow and wind on their bike just to find that their collegues can't drive a few miles to work because "They coudn't get the car off the drive"?

Every year this happens and it never fails to make me angry.

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Don't get angry, just make sure you take the piss LOUDLY AND MERCILESSLY when they turn up.
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A few of my colleagues who drive know they won't be believed if I ride in.

I rode to work on Friday morning. It was snowing hard by 10am and there was talk of closing early. We finished at 12:30, and it was a bit sketchy in places, wind was blowing snow across the road at gaps in the hedge. This morning was easy by comparison.

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posted by Simon E [2339 posts]
21st January 2013 - 13:03


I'm a teacher, my collegues are dreadful about coming to work when there's snow. They'll wait at home in the hope that school is closed, meanwhile those of us that travel further have already set off.

They ought to make it law that the teachers with less than 8 miles to travel should walk if they can't get the car off the drive, or stop living in rural areas.

posted by GREGJONES [225 posts]
21st January 2013 - 16:18


I'm a teacher, my collegues are dreadful about coming to work when there's snow.

while I could make disparaging remarks about teachers all day (they make themselves an easy target Wink ), my daughter's teacher (year 5, KS2) was apparently at school by 7am on Friday to ensure she made it in. That's impressive.

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posted by Simon E [2339 posts]
21st January 2013 - 18:00


I've come off twice so far this winter without the aid of ice so have given it a miss. Most of my standard 20 mile commute is along country lanes which are a nightmare at the moment. I can stick to the main roads but then I'm mixing in with all the traffic which is no fun when you have to stay a long way away from the verge due to the mounds of snow and ice.
I used to make it in no matter what but due to the lack of enthusiasm of others as you pointed out I don't bother either anymore, I can work from home.

posted by bike_food [158 posts]
21st January 2013 - 18:08


The other year was told by one of my work colleagues that I made him look bad. He lives 2 miles away and didn't get in. Meanwhile I live 7 miles away and made it in by mountain bike. Another colleague asked what I would have done if snow was too bad. I replied -walk. I've a pair of climbing boots in my back pack!! Unfortunately I don't have the privilege of working from home so I have to get in.

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posted by giff77 [1160 posts]
21st January 2013 - 22:03


I made it in but had to detour via A roads because the back lanes looked a little too off piste for my road bike. One of my colleagues couldn't drive in and he only lives two miles from the office. He didn't walk either! This morning was more fun, I did an hour of single speed because the rear mech was frozen and for the first quarter of an hour I had to release the rear brake by hand as it kept sticking to the rim.

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posted by Bedfordshire Clanger [345 posts]
22nd January 2013 - 14:46


Here in Newcastle the main roads have been fine throughout this snowy period. I have not ridden in the mornings too much though - so about 10AM the roads have been stirred up by the cars and salt, so just wet really.

I've ridden along bike paths on a mtb with slick 2" tyres and even that way managed to move okay with lower pressures than usual.


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posted by koko56 [335 posts]
25th January 2013 - 21:45